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dashvend - Miami soda machine tech demo software


Bovine Bit-flipper
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Announcing the open sourcing of the Miami soda machine tech demo software!



Example system for processing Dash InstantX payments
The repo contains everything needed to recreate the Miami "dash'n'drink" soda machine InstantX tech demo.


Dashvend is a network-driven python script which:
  • generates payment addresses
  • masquerades as a local dashd peer (port 9999 communication)
  • watches for transactions on the dash network to the next payment address
  • refunds non-InstantX transactions and over/underpaid InstantX transactions
  • counts masternode locks for passing transactions
  • triggers two relays (sign light, product release) when the lock count meets a configurable threshold

See the github page for gloriously detailed details. :)

Contact me if you have any questions! [email protected]