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anyone having an offline copy of the page and willing to share? would setup myself a fallback solution then..
to @pille

Looks like the value EUR is not catching anything (all 0's), maybe you can take a look at it ?
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@qwizzie thats true, alle the currencies except USD dont work atm. It's the yahoo finance api (http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=USDEUR=X) this time, which is throwing errors and unfortunately I can do nothing else than wait at the moment.

Had a lot of issues with this yahoo api (on my projects) as well - its very unstable =(..

switched over to https://openexchangerates.org/ (1000 calls / month absolutly and forever free) - if you cache it you never it the limit..

Maybe its something to consider ~
To @pille

Looks like the market rates are frozen at 0.08270 for Dash and $13790 for Bitcoin.

Edit : Merry Xmas by the way and i just want to say i love this Dash overview.
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