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Dashman status different outputs...


New member
Hi all.

On two separate MN's, the Dashman status output is different. One is longer and includes all the protx info. The other one is much shorter (20 lines total) and also has much less dashd connections. The mn with the longer output is working just fine, but the one with shorter output keeps getting high pose scores every now and then, even tho all shows green.


Hello. It might be easiest to troubleshoot this interactively, feel free to join us in the #help-desk channel on Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/PXbUxJB

The first step will be to determine the version of Dash you are running by typing "~/.dashcore/dashd -v", and verify that you are on the correct chain by typing "~/.dashcore dash-cli getblockcount". Do this on both masternodes and verify the block count is the same, it should be at least the current block count of 1241294, which you can check at https://insight.dash.org/insight/ - once you have done this, we can continue troubleshooting, either here or on Discord.