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DashBoost Official Launch


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The first live cycle will run from the 11th of April 2018 and will conclude on the 22nd of April with the cycle administrators (GreenCandle) making a total budget of 2 Dash available, with a maximum funding request for proposal of 0.25 Dash. GreenCandle have also set the spam filter at .025 Dash.

For full and comprehensive update please follow the Google doc here.

To view a short demonstration of the site please see here.
Please see the Feburary Update to see our past performance, and please use the site and report any and all feedback. We currently have a few proposals which need voting on! We hope that next cycle will be able to have more funds available.
So this cycle runs from the 11th to the 22nd....will that be a typical cycle?

I like the idea of payouts happening two or three times a month keeping things moving!

This is very cool! How is the pot size determined? Sorry I missed that part.

I can't wait for all of the people we miss in pre-proposal phase to start using this! We will get so many more people on with this.

Great work! Crack a cold one-as the proposal says!
Hi Blake,

Thank you for your comments.

Each cycle is made up of the following values: Available Budget | Max Payout | Proposal Fee | Start Date | End Date

These values are manually set and will vary depending on community feedback, as well as being able to access funds.

As we learn from each cycle and fine tune the process, I'm sure it will settle into some routine regarding frequency and financials. For the mean time please do keep the feedback coming, it's greatly appreciated.

Cracking Cold Ones,
How can I register my wallet ? I did everything asked and all I get is not a vallid wallet adress :(
I have a project in mind, since I am basically trilingual and I live in a area that has great intrest in cryptocurrency.
How can I register my wallet ? I did everything asked and all I get is not a vallid wallet adress :(
I have a project in mind, since I am basically trilingual and I live in a area that has great intrest in cryptocurrency.
Hi, I'm glad to try and help, but I need some more details. At the moment, I'm not sure what you're actually experiencing. Thanks!
Google Doc (with content verification)

DashBoost Initial Cycle Report

4/11/2018 - 4/22/2018

Eight proposals were approved this cycle, for a total of 2 Dash. Congrats!

The cycle consisted of 2 Dash being available, 0.25 Max per proposal, a 0.025 Dash fee, and the start and end dates as above.

We appreciate ‘em and they help grow the platform.

Donate to the team - will be given to developers and administrators.


Donate to the budget - will be used exclusively to fund more proposals


Approved Proposals:
Format Name(link), creator, amount requested, address, net vote count.

1) Tip the Venezuelan kiosk lady (or: 1 less Lambo for TroyDash) -

by Ancestor; [0.25 DASH] [ Xv6nJ3ERNmuirXALA5712FGDcBKhsGuopn ] [+10150]

2) Cracking open some cold ones for the boys. -

by Patch2.0; [0.25 DASH] [ XuQr2ZMbMgKKUw9rykTkZsW8fQeXHcsW1A ] [+7150]


by DashClark; [0.25 DASH] [ XhSCDMiGyDLptetLwqh5c2Xpdh7ih5xpWL ] [+6167]

4) Dash School -

by Dashgovernor; [0.25 DASH] [ XeFoa4r915Wqd8YhWHZgfuWAT75qEKwiKm ] [+6117]


by Sahabia; [0.25 DASH] [ Xib4TRKKzd5QEv5xcJ8dVAojJ5Gua5Bv8F ] [+6115]


by Cryptolib; [0.25 DASH] [ Xdn7yVag6HjkTnHWZe7vD81p1wrt8HKJ21 ] [+6106]


by Benalagyira; [0.25 DASH] [ Xcx9ME7yT6P8FjAyGFtXxGfJp9pHb7RQ1w ] [+6086]

8) Radio Tamale Dash Talk -

by Cryptolib; [0.25 DASH] [ Xdn7yVag6HjkTnHWZe7vD81p1wrt8HKJ21 ] [+55]
Why is there only 2 dash available? When will meaningul amounts of Dash be used? Where is all the extra from green candle?
@Name3 @demois8 We are answering questions from Dash Force News and DashWatch in regards to the funding of DashBoost. Once they have both sides of the story and publish their reports, we will post a proposal to allow the network to provide funding and fund small proposals. We will continue to look for alternative routes for funding, but that will probably be the primary funding.
I am oh so very glad to announce that DashBoost is back and better than ever, thanks to a very kind community donator. I am proud to announce, that DashBoost, is hosting a two week cycle, which will end on July 3rd and has already started!

In this cycle: 40 Dash is available to be received by community projects. With a 10 Dash max per proposal, And a 1 Dash Fee.

Now, I have already talked to multiple people who want to put proposals in. What I need, is voters. Dash holders! Go over to https://dashboost.org/ and let's do this! Don't wait, go register, go verify your voting wallet and let's get this going!
I love the idea of DashBoost. I linked my wallet but when I click the vote button, there is no response from the page. It does not even cause any action.

Also, posting comments takes me to a blank page and does not post the comment.

Anyway, love this idea and offer these observations with a constructive tone.

UPDATE: It looks like the issue was only with one proposal. The rest are working fine. Kudos to Pasta for the prompt response. Thanks!
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Hello guys,

I'm trying to upload a proposal in Dash Boost but the system keeps saying "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." and I have problem registering my wallet too.

Hope you can help me.