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DASH WORLD – 3rd Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Ongoing Work


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Dear Masternode owners and community members:

The Dash World has successfully finished its third month’s engagement with the Dash project. We’ve been paid 775.00 DASH out of which:
  1. 139.2857143 DASH for the Project Manager (GreyGhost) for the work -- in addition to managing all aspects of the project -- as follows:
714.0140367 DASH spent
60.9859633 DASH left in the balance for next (ongoing) month.

A brief comment or two. Our site has seen only a 5.66% rise in number of visits and 3.35% rise in number of users over the last month. I ascribe this to a "dormant" nature of the current dash.org website. I hope it will change once the Evolution themed websites is up and running. I will make myself available to @AndyDark and whomever is going to be in charge with my SEO expertise.

Masternodes Network an Investment Opportunity in Financial Technology proposal (I wrote about in some length in other posts, namely To Kill or to Keep the Dash World? and / or DASH WORLD three months in -- a "mid-month" update so no need to repeat what I wrote there) consumed almost all my time and energy.

Dash's key problem - adoption -- needs to be addressed ASAP and the Dash World is leaping toward that goal, of getting Dash in front of an end user.

I will have a full update about this, most exciting development coming out of the Dash World, its "micro-economy of Dash" segment, very soon, perhaps even as a detailed proposal for our budget but for now allow me to say that the material is being polished as I type this and the people / investors targeted are on stand-by, awaiting the material. Please forgive me the scarcity of info regarding this project ATM; it will be remedied ASAP, a matter of days.

Really exciting times ahead.