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Dash Wallet for Android (supporting 12.1 Sentinel)


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This topic will be about the Android wallet for Dash called Dash Wallet. It supports Dash 12.1.

This is the 12.1 version of the MainNet wallet. It is based on the testnet version, which was working well.

Some updates were made compared to the previous version 4.65.12E (for Dash 12.0).
1. InstantSend is now active.
2. The RBF feature from Bitcoin Wallet is disabled (that is to say that one cannot increase the fee on a transaction).
3. The Slovak language was updated.
4. Updated to fix bugs with sending transactions (fees to low, dust).
5. Removed buggy Lite Mode OFF.
6. Decreased required peers to 3 in light connectivity issues.
7. Updated to support (some transactions were stuck because connections were rejected with updated nodes).
8. Replaced exchange rates site that wasn't working.
9. Major Upgrade to version 5.14 of Bitcoin Wallet.

Future Plans:
1. Change the message system for Syncing the Blockchain (to notify user that the app isn't synced better).
2. Improve efficiency of syncing and hashing in the app.
3. Update translations for about 14 texts.
4. Fix common bugs
5. Add BIP44 support (same as iOS dashwallet).

https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet/releases/tag/v4.65.12.1V (older version for older phones)

Source Code (4.65):
https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet/tree/dash-12.1 (The Android App)
https://github.com/HashEngineering/dashj/tree/dash-12.1 (Dash Java Library)

Source Code (5.14):
https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet (The Android App)
https://github.com/HashEngineering/dashj (Dash Java Library)

No new 12.1 specific features are supported. InstantSend is supported.

Post Questions or bug reports below.
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An update was posted this week that solves the crashing issue of restoring a wallet on a fresh install of the app on Android 6 or higher devices.

There is a problem though with users not being able to send coins. The issue seems to be a result of network connectivity. Some of the DNS seeds are not working and there be other causes involved.
An update is underway to bring Bitcoin Wallet 5.14 bug fixes to Dash Wallet. This will require much testing (first on testnet) and also translation of about 40 extra texts.

We are trying to address a bug that some users are having when the app crashes after they recevied the upgrade from Google Play. the users have an invalid transaction that was causing the new version, which has the correct rules for fees and dust to crash. The previous version had invalid rules for fees and dust, so it allowed transactions to be sent out that were rejected by the Dash Network, but the app didn't crash!
We are getting ready for the next release of the app: Dash Wallet 5.14

https://github.com/HashEngineering/dash-wallet/releases/tag/v5.14-beta-5 - A beta version is also available that runs on MainNet, but won't replace the currently installed Dash Wallet app.

Try out the beta version by importing a old backup. Look at your balance and write it down. View and write down your recovery phrase form the Safety menu, then restore from the recovery phrase. Let me know if your balance doesn't match what was previously written.