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DASH Turkey Social Project


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Hello. The project will start in 1 province in Turkey. By gifting astroturf vests with DASH Logo to astroturf pitches. To get people to wear these astroturf vests and play football. It may sound like a simple idea. I am sure that the real life impact of this project will be huge.

Why Carpet Field Project?

Turkey is a country that loves football and cryptocurrencies. People in Turkey like to play football on the astroturf field every day of the week.
As I know this very well as a Turk, I look forward to your support for the realization of this project.

Astroturf Field Rules in Turkey;
Astroturf Matches are played in 2 halves of 30 minutes.
Teams are required to wear astroturf vests to avoid confusion on the field.

At this point, our project comes to life. We will comply with the requirements and provide astroturf field vests. In this way, people will play football wearing the DASH jerseys every day.
A total of 14 players and 10-15 people watch the football match. Using this formula, 30 or more people will be reached for 1 astroturf match.
Imagine that this effect is repeated every day on 6 different football fields? Sounds great doesn't it?

DASH logo football vests can be used in 2 different matches per day on each astroturf. Using these calculations, we will have access to over 300 people daily.
Of course, it doesn't end there. Social people are all about technology. The only purpose is to make people wear astroturf vests and play football? Of course not, I will go to every astroturf field 2-3 days a week and introduce people to DASH and the DASH Ecosystem.
When people understand DASH, I will chat with them and encourage them to be involved in this project.
If I get the necessary support, I will make 2 updates every week with professional camera shots.

And don't forget that I will share the images and details of this project on my personal YouTube channel (560 subscribers) and promote it both in real life and on social media.

Project Cost: The initial cost will be to fund vests for 3 football field locations; The total cost to supply 21 astroturf field vests and to have them printed with the DASH logo is $250 USD.
I will share each question transparently with the project. I look forward to all your questions.

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Xrap3kgfasj3gci1fYQSQ
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Please specify all costs without profit.

Please provide youtube link or precise search term to identify your channel.