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Dash Tokens


Here is an idea for creating tokens to be used as a replacement for fiat in every country in the world, spearheading the digital commerce revolution. First of all US-DASH, then EU-DASH, JP-DASH, AF-DASH for Africa, LA-DASH for Latin America, CN-DASH for China, IN-DASH for India, etc.

The idea is to create tokens that can be easily convertible from local fiat to DASH that people can use for daily transactions in retail (Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, etc), e-commerce, web payment (Paypal) and at the same time allowing the exchange of DASH for other cryptocoins creating a whole CRYPTO-FOREX on its own, all of this using one single wallet paired to your phone number (optional) from where you can buy/sell any DASH token in the world leaving all cryptos byting the dust.

Once the first token is created and polished, the replication will take place instantly for all hundreds of fiat currencies in the world, exchanges will start accepting them at a fixed price tethered to their local counterpart benefiting from the buy/sell spread margin.

USD-Tether proved it could work even without touching the e-commerce niche. Ethereum proved tokens could work too allowing everybody without programming experience to create one. But unlike Ethereum, it has nothing to do with contracts or programming, it is just one simple function done well, transferring money for e-commerce in local currencies using tokens and masternodes not contracts. DASH can revolutionize the world of e-commerce if they act fast.

I had that dream, and I want to know where exactly it is dettached from reality.
I already saw https://www.dash.org/evolution/ but would like to know if it is token based or simply DASH for merchants as buyers and sellers have a natural resistance to make currency conversions and they'd prefer to deal with their local currency.

World domination, I don't settle for less.