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Dash "stock split"

I have had little difficulty explaining Dash per coin value. "It's like a hundred dollar bill, not like a one dollar bill. You can use ones, or pennies if you want."

Boom, done.
BIG no to any kind of split! I'm with Camsoul on this one.... If people are to ignorant, stupid or lazy to learn something other then a 2 decimal system... They deserve to be poor and destitute. Period. Gold and Silver worked awesome for centuries.... There were no 2 decimal points.

Stock Splits/quantitative easing/ print money is what has made the mess we are in today.

I and other MN most certainly would be voting no on this. People, Dash and digital currencies are not here to redistribute the wealth of the world... It's meant to be a fair medium of exchange and a store of value....and a unit of account that is not controlled by governments or central banks .. Not to fix the social problems of the world. Jesus! If your friends are too stupid to comprehend nothing more then 2 decimals or are buying currency because it's price per unit is cheaper and can't wrap their mind around supply ... You should immediately dump them as friends... Just saying

A stock split is fundamentally different from quantitative easing/printing money, and has nothing at all to do with wealth redistribution. If this were to occur in dash, everyone would still have the same number of "duffs" that they started with.