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DASH send from Gatehub to Kucoin did no arrive


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On Feb. 12 i send via Tx D9C09EB277FB17270E9AC4E7E50CA00DE52AE47747B9CC500CB4D47289660644 an amount of 0.3293 DASH to my DASH account on Kucoin (Xi1qE7DdqPSD9LciSUStMcZPvEPTufBaGj)
However, the payment has never been received.

Although the chart states all steps were executed successfully:
This transaction was successful, and validated in ledger 36511748 on February 12, 2018 6:57 AM.
This is a Payment transaction.
The payment is from rDNPP4nZFWWYP7c6D724Mp6kSaAuUyxsL to rcXY84C4g14iFp6taFXjjQGVeHqSCh9RX.
The payment has a destination tag: 127698555
It was instructed to deliver 0.3293 DSH.rcXY84C4g14iFp6taFXjjQGVeHqSCh9RX.
The actual amount delivered was 0.3293 DSH.rcXY84C4g14iFp6taFXjjQGVeHqSCh9RX
The transaction's sequence number is 98

Please support in this, where is my DASH?


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I'm confused - these are Ripple addresses and transaction IDs, not Dash. I'm not familiar with Ripple but I think you need to use a gateway to withdraw value in another currency. Does KuCoin support these gateways? Is gatehub operating a functional Dash gateway? I'm not aware of either of these...


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It took one week, but the original transfer has been completed.
Just received message from Kucoin and checked my balance.