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Dash Security-Privacy Paper

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Perhaps someone should test the proposed solution. A lot of talk and speculation. Presumably the author has already tested it?

@demo, do you fancy giving it a go? I'll pay you your very first dash.

The solution obviously works because it is nothing else but recommendations of software packages the author believes that they are secure.
The author suggests for all to try this solution by themselves, he is not suggesting for me demo to try the solution on behalf of another.
i ad a 2nd download link

as i imagine google might not be too popular :rolleyes:

if anybody has a tip where in the onion world i could post this as a Tor Download link please let me know
(but file sharing/hosting does not really work down there due to speed issues)
I have OnionShare installed - ping me direct for download link
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Page 7

"There's an entry point in the [Bitcoin] ecosystem and usually the identity of that person is known at that point and then once you get your money into the ecosystem you have a public ledger and all of the transactions that you do are completely available for anyone to look at. And what we're getting to with technology in the Bitcoin ecosystem is where anyone with enough computing power can go through and try to correlate all these addresses and figure out who's doing what and who's transferring money to who and then eventually sell that data which is a gross invasion of privacy. And I would rather get everyone more privacy rather than take it away from everybody because it's really you can only give it to everybody or you have to take it away from everybody in a system like this. And I know that there are going to be things that happen in the ecosystem that are illegal and this is just part of having rights. We have the right to privacy and some people will abuse that and I think there's a fine line to walk but we have to acknowledge that we want these rights and there's gonna be money like this that is on the Internet where everyone can see everything that's going on and I would rather [want] that money have an attribute of privacy for everybody useful."

Page 9

"The challenge of the new cypherpunk movement is to make secure and verified end-to-end encryption accessible to everyone, and turned on by default."

A privacy-first MN network "turned on by default"... good enough for MNs then it's good enough for end-users. Vote Yes for privacy-first.
Security-Privacy-Centric Solution For Using DASH Anonymously
As DASH Standard User Or DASH Masternode Owner
Based On Debian GNU/Linux, VirtualBox, Whonix GNU/Linux Including Tor And Tails

VERSION 0.1.8 [2016-12-17] –

Please Download :


OnionShare is available - ping me direct for download link [email protected] / or tungfa on dashforum​
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Get with it.. it's been decided that dash doesn't need a privacy-first or "Privacy-Centric" solution.
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