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Dash POS (Point-of-Sale) integration


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First of all, I'm not an POS expert, only a Dash supporter who would like to see it spread to more merchants.

I was traveling around, and I started to look for the software solutions that merchants use in restaurants, bars etc. I'm not sure if it's any help for the Core Team, but since the Dash community is strong, I think we could all collect a few companies who might integrate Dash to their system.

I've seen Kounta (https://www.kounta.com) in Australia for example, and I would be glad to investigate the subject further in Hungary, where I live now. There are some high-traffic online aggregation services here to make accommodation reservations (like https://szallas.hu/), order food delivery (like https://www.netpincer.hu/) or buy electronics (like https://www.arukereso.hu/) who would potentially benefit from accepting Dash.

My question is to the Core Team basically, if this information helped them or not, or is there any other way we as non-developers can help the Dash mission?
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other way we as non-developers can help the Dash mission?

I suggest raising this question under "General Discussion" -- you will get more response there. This forum (Dev Tech Discussion) isn't really the appropriate place for this post.