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you know, something I like about the fact that dash.org/forum is lightly traveled, is that it acts as a "filter" of sorts.

other platforms may have higher engagement, but I'm getting at "signal to noise" here.
you know, something I like about the fact that dash.org/forum is lightly traveled, is that it acts as a "filter" of sorts.

other platforms may have higher engagement, but I'm getting at "signal to noise" here.

The Forum acts more like a library for Dash.org than anything else.
Ehh. Let's face it: Dash itself is lightly travelled.

Valkyrie had Dash removed because of low demand. So did many other platforms in the past, despite our network paying for most of these integrations. You just can't buy organic interest. That's why I always opposed spending money on artificial exposure faking high demand where there is hardly any. 5 years of countless "business development" ventures not only spread any real demand way too thin but also yielded us nothing to show for, while our killer app remained on the backburner for no reason other than our leadership lacking vision and drive.

Instead of making up copes we have to ask ourselves why there is so little interest into Dash as a product and whether Platform can finally turn it around.
@Macrochip there's a lot of truth in what you write.

The optimist in me says we don't know the highs or the lows until they're in the rear view mirror. Everyone makes mistakes, but if the aim is true, there will be reward. When we admit that we were wrong, it can allow us to learn and change strategy.

I don't think Dash is dead yet and I hope Platform is realized.
I don't believe Dash is dead. Looking at my post now I certainly give the impression, though.

That was not my intent.

In fact I think things look much brighter than they had in years: Development is on full steam and more transparent than ever before (bi-weekly sprints), lots of dead weight has been shedded, we're cultivating a dApp community with the Incubator project and the rest of the market is (very) slowly coming to the realization that preaching "decentralized" and actually being it are two different things, which only works in our favor.

As a nice bonus Dash is on sale. :p

What I meant to say with my post is this:

The reason Ethereum was so successful is because it carved out its own niche. Anyone can create a token, run smart contracts, develop applications etc. That new ecosystem naturally lured in a lot of pioneers and explorers breaking new ground in a world BTC couldn't or simply refused to enter. However, personally I question the usefulness and utility for most of these applications. IMO that platform is still looking for its purpose, which might explain why it has yet to fully break into the mainstream.

The big difference for Dash Platform is our purpose being clear cut (Digital Cash -> commerce, banking but also self-governance) which leads to focused and directed efforts among the dev community. That community we must cultivate as well as possible. It will be critical to our success just as it has evidently been for ETH. And with our incentives not only being well aligned but also plentiful, I can't help but feel optimistic.
The big difference for Dash Platform is our purpose being clear cut ...

The big difference for Dash Platform is that the stupid developers of the dash core team chose javascript language to develop the platform. No serious cryptocurrency can be built on such a stupid language that assumes that everyone is a good actor, in such a language where even the definition of the foreach loop can be controled by agents.

Too much money has been given to stupid developers (or agent driven developers), and the stupid masternodes decided that.
Dash is doomed, unless the Dash Platform is rewritten in a decent formally verified language (like they did in cardano with haskel language, and they are the 6th coin now).

Stupid, could you please stop trusting developers that are obvioulsy government's agents, could you please stop hoping in vain that dash platform may succeed, could you please shut up and listen to the truth that hurts?

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I am telling the truth, the DCG developers/govenrment's agents know that, thats why they removed mnowatch.org from the dash ecosystem overview. The creator of the "ecosystem overview graph" claims that the reason for removing mnowatch (and removing Dashcentral as well) is because by adding a "bubble" to the graphic meant having to completely reorganize the graph. On the other hand I suspect that the agents put the "ecosystem overview graph" in the front page of dash.org, simply BECAUSE dashcentral and mnowatch were removed from it. If mnowatch and dashcentral appeared into the graph, this graph wouldnt have permission to reside in the front page of dash. Try an experiment, put mnowatch/dashcentral in the ecosystem graph, especially in a separate bubble, and watch whether the graph will disappear from the front page of dash.org or not.

Edit: According to the answer of the responsible of the dash.org frontpage, the above seems yet another conspiracy theory I invented, there were no bad intentions on the removal of mnowatch or dashcentral from the ecosystem.

Thats how the government agents behave, first they do not answer to questions, then they do subbtle but critical changes, and finnaly they obfuscate/spam the truth with many irrelevant junk information.

The developers/government agents financialy and moraly destroyed dash by deciding to write the DashPlatform/Evolution in Javascript. Now they are planning another strike to the dash community in order to tottaly control it. They plan to remove RPC calls from the code of dash, because they want to shut down dashcentral and mnowatch that both rely on RPC.
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