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Dash MNs know what they need, why not ask for it? Instead of waiting for the right proposal


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The current proposal system works in a push fashion. Proposals come in and in turn MNs accept or reject them. Most of them are advertising focused or taken up by the Dash Core team.

Now why not create proposals requests and then have organisations bid for them?

Who creates these proposals?
It should be the MN club. If there isn't one it might be time to create one. A group of concerned MNs which want to take Dash to the next level. Many fintech ICOs are doing wonders with budgets of less than 10 million.

Some ideas for proposals:

The impact of this is that another group of developers can be built up which can build these ancillary services to Dash.

Do you like the idea of an MN club to create proposal requests?
Would you be able to dedicate time and if so how much?
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I believe there has been a discussion on this topic for a while now and seems that every day more people are pushing the idea. Pretty sure it will happen soon.