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Dash Merchant Association - where merchants, users, activists, and developers organize and cooperate

As part of a my Dash to Adoption Proposal, I am creating a loosely affiliated Dash Merchant Association where Dash merchants, users, activists, and developers can come together for mutual benefit in the realm of payment processing and accepting Dash in commerce.

To begin, the association can be housed here on this thread, or if it takes off, perhaps it's own forum section just under Merchant Directory. We could potentially also see about a slack channel with the purpose of helping merchants and developers to network and help one another in real time.

A survey for merchants is almost complete and will be sent out to merchants this week. It will also be posted here. Existing Dash merchants who receive the survey also will be invited to participate in our virtual Dash Merchant Association.

Please introduce yourself and share any thoughts, questions, or concerns you have with any pertaining to Dash merchant processing and Dash's use in commerce.

John Bush

Lead Organizer
Dash to Adoption
My name is John Bush, I run Brave New Books, the first brick and mortar in the country to accept Dash and the first brick and mortar in Texas to accept Bitcoin. I also host a crypto podcast on the Lets Talk Bitcoin Network called, SovereignBTC.

At the bookstore, I use a Jaxx Wallet on a Samsung tablet to accept in store Dash payments and for online purchaes I manually send a Dash address and amount via email when someone selects Dash as a payment option in our Shopify Point of Sale. Its a manual work around and not ideal but there are no Dash plugins for Shopify at this moment.

I'm excited to bring more merchants in to the Dash ecosystem through Dash to Adoption and I look forward to working with Dash merchants to improve their ability to serve the Dash community.