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Dash Meet-up in Belgium

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I'm Roxane, a French-speaking blogger dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchains. I created the French community on the blockchain Steem. For the past few months, I've also been helping people buy their first cryptocurrencies.

My website, comprendre-steem.fr is today a guide for hundreds of people to take their first steps on Steem.

Currently, I am looking to develop new skills to share with my community. Recently, I was able to attend a meet-up organized by Anja Schuetz, Dash Ambassador, who organizes Crypto Meet up in Berlin. I was therefore interested in your approach.

Distributing Dash to interested people is an innovative principle that will allow new users to have a first contact with Dash and then be accompanied by me throughout their Dash experience. My wish is therefore to be able to participate in promoting Dash by organizing meet-ups in Brussels, Belgium, in the French language.

My office is located in the heart of Brussels, in Digityser's offices, which welcomes projects related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, virtual reality, connected objects, etc. from the digital world. Therefore, the Meet-up I want to organise will take place every month and can easily accommodate more than 50 people.

As we will most likely be hosting a large number of participants, we would like to confirm several elements :

  • Do we have to wait for your agreement before launching our first Dash meet-up ?

  • If we have understood correctly, we must promote (date/time) on the following sites: discoverdash and meetup. Can we also use Eventbride ?

  • Is it already possible to organize a meet-up next February 27th while being sponsored by Dash?

  • Does the meet-up have to include an official presentation (powerpoint or other support) ? If so, do you have any special equipment for us to use?

  • How will the money/dash transfer between you and me work ? I have understood that after the Meetup, we must send you within 24 hours the photos and conclusion of the Meetup.

Hi Roxane, i take the time to read this, i had read that DashForce helps initiatives with MeetUps so search the article and ask your doubts there.

You already motivated, go forward.

Search this: DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program.
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