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Dash Marketing DAO


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Hello Dash! I'm working on a concept of creating a decentralized organization to be funded by the Dash Treasury. I am using a site called Loomio that allows a group of people to vote and submit proposals. See my initial guide here (subject to change, willing to take any input as well)


The benefits of a system like this allows for complete transparency of where every Dash will be spent. To get listed to the Dash Marketing DAO's Treasury proposal, an individual persons proposal must be passed and approved by our group. Each members salary is public information and it is peer to peer regulated. One large problem is that MNOs can only see what's on the surface of a proposal, in this system members in the organization regulate each other to make sure everyone is on task and no one is slacking off. its the best way to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

My personal goal of this DAO is that it will not be reliant on one person, I may be the founder of the organization but I can always be voted out for any reason. I have tried to set it up the best I can to make it not reliant on me.

If anyone has any input feel free to mention it. I am looking for members as well! So please reach out to me, I have 2 friends interested but to make this fully decentralized I need some outsiders involved as well. Once we have a solid group we will all put our proposals into Loomio and vote on each others proposal and give eachother feedback and hopefully submit a Dash Treasury proposal :)
I don't actually have much of an opinion on this. If there is a marketing organization that submits a proposal to Dash, and if I think the total value of their efforts will exceed the amount requested, then I would vote for it. I don't really care whether the organization itself is decentralized, and don't really care much about how they manage their internal affairs, as long as they deliver what they said they will deliver in their proposal to Dash.