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Dash Maracaibo does not stop and remains committed

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"Building SocieDash" is an event that excites us because it is focused on a complex and humorous message, we show our guests how to buy Dash with bolivars, why use Dash and not Fiat, what are the advantages offered by Dash as a payment platform and we make you live our experience of #ExperienceDash in which you enjoy a #StanDashComedy that portrays our difficult real situation and transforms it into reasons to work together for a change.
Dash is our flag, it allows us to show a way out and offers us a platform to rebuild our economy, from the responsibility of using a strong currency that exists, like Dash, instead of suffering from one that we do not procure and escapes.

Invite the community to support us and follow our work, which is done with a lot of effort and dedication to the lack of resources, convinced of the value of our effort and waiting for the opportunity to present ourselves to the treasury with our proposal, to achieve enhance these events and more plans that we have and thus achieve responsible adoption of Dash in Venezuela.

FOTOS 1.png

We rely on entrepreneurs, who like us, believe that building is the resource that occupies us, and this is how the most successful Coworking space in Maracaibo @urbawork , proposes its members to use Dash as a payment method instead of Paypal which is what they used until now.

FOTOS 2.png

We also have a team of professionals who have been with us in these months of financial drought, for them we appreciate your messages of support, because they are the engine of @Dash_Maracaibo

FOTOS 3.png

A #ExperienceDash is to use an efficient payment method but it is not complete without the presence of the critical and committed humor of @madelayneleon recognized humorist, who supports us by giving value to each event with its #StanDashcomedy leaving a deep and very committed social message.

We share with you our 6th meeting and we hope to have your support commenting, sharing and if you were able to suggest ideas for us not to slow down our productivity and to continue building a Dash Nation in Venezuela, we will be grateful.



Me gusta mucho el tema de SocieDash ahahah, Sigan adelante muchachos cuentan con todo nuestro apoyo!

Muy pronto realizaremos unas conferencias en Caracas estan coordialmente invitados.
Proud to be part of this great team. It was incredible to share with the participants of the event their reactions when making payments for their products quickly and reliably. From Dash Maracaibo we will continue working to show the advantages of DASH and turn it into the main exchange currency in Venezuela.
We want to thank those who have supported our work with donations and we are all committed to not stop building a community that uses Dash as a form of payment. While we managed to obtain resources we went to the media and shared with them the news that we bring with Dash.
We leave some images and hope to move forward, trusting in better times and plenty but firm in hard times giving the best of us.




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