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Dash Logo Contest


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Over the last few days we’ve held a contest for coming up with ideas for our new Dash logo. We’re already narrowed the finalists and now we would like the community to pick our new logo! We have a couple of days to ask the artists to do different variations on the designs, so feel free to ask something specific and we’ll see what we can do.

How will the vote work? We need to select a winner to the contest on Sunday, so we’ll be putting up a page that will allow Foundation members, official team members or anyone with more than 300 posts in DarkcoinTalk to vote. We’ll have these 6 options, let the best logo win!




Example Usage







Voting has opened!

Instructions to vote for your favorite Dash logo

A lot of people were asking for us to include the one that Pille designed and posted to bitcointalk a few days ago, so we have included it in the vote also.

1. Go to https://www.darkcoinfoundation.org
2. Click 'My Account' and introduce your username or email and password (if you don't remember you can reset it)
3. Once you are logged in, click on a new page you will see on the top menu called 'Vote Logo'
4. Cast your vote. You can select your two preferred logos or just one, but in that case that one won't count double

Those who are not members of the foundation, but are part of the team, or have more than 300 messages at darkcointalk, please email [email protected], and we will create an account for you so you can vote.

Those who don't fall into the previous categories but want to vote, please join the foundation! It is only 10 DRK for an annual membership.
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wow! this may be harder then I thought, These are very well done and all quite good!

EDIT: are we going to use the "Private, Instant , Cash" Moniker as a tag line on either of logos?
Love #1, the italic gives it motion which is perfect. I would change the color of it though. The current blue used is a little dated.....Consider using the blue from #4 for #1 or something a little more modern

#2 is dead horrible lol
At first glance, #1, but also torn on #6. Would love to see respective logos rendered the same way each of them appear below to get a sense of how the two compare from a similar angle and lighting setup (both in blue, both in gold).

Also would like to see #1 with the letter A without the gap.
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Immediate attraction to number 1. Really looks like it means business.
Any chance of the inverted 'V' for the 'A' on this one??
I like #1 except for the arrows in the S. The arrows seem like an afterthought. I suppose the arrows represent transactions, but I don't think they are necessary.

but with normal appearance for every other letters except "D", so:

- "A" should look like "A", not "R" or something
- without arrows inside "S"... interesting idea, but their style differ from all other letters :(
I'd like to see number one revised to see the A connected without the gap. Arrows don't bother me at this time.