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Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

how much dash shoud we ask for Getfreedash per month ?

  • 50 dash per month

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • 75 dash

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • 100 dash

    Votes: 6 15.8%
  • 150+ dash

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • 500+ dash :)

    Votes: 20 52.6%

  • Total voters
Buenas! quisiera compartirles uno delos varios videos que comienzan a salir sobre la pagina getfreedash
como pueden ver claramente la mencionan de ser una pagina SCAM y en lo personal empiezo a creer lo mismo ya que cuento co un balance en mi cuenta de 10 dls y tengo un pago pendiente 1 dolar desde el dia 16 el cual no a llegado y aparte de ello los referidos que habia obtenido hace unos dias tampoco se me reflejaron! una gran pena parecía
ser una estupenda pagina:(
we are extremely sorry for the situation you faced , however we are getting huge amounts of traffic , right now we have 35000 users, we also had issues with sign up , referral system and finally not having enough dash to do the payouts , now all of them are resolved and we are now absoultely committed to making sure everyone gets their promised amount, but like all good things in life , things take time , be patient.

Don't call Getfreedash a scam we have paid over $15,000 already without asking even $1 from any one , will scam sites do that ?
@ec1warc1 voted yes. I think his vote counts a lot! He is not an ordinary voter. He is the person who already implemented something technically similar and he knows a lot about it. Well done @ec1warc1 !

ec1warc1 said:
I have voted YES on this because your response shows that you have done a good amount of research into fraud prevention and have implemented measures. I also appreciate greatly the fact that you are an MNO because you can see this from both perspectives, MNO and proposal owner.
I missed out on the pre-proposal for the simple fact that dash.red keeps me really busy. People have asked me about getfreedash.com and I didn't know until today who was behind it.
Feel free to reach out to me for help, ideas, or collaboration. Discord might be the easiest.
Best wishes on great success!
According to the statistics, 91 masternodes who previously voted NO in the first sms-otp proposal, now in this new sms-otp proposal they changed their vote to YES! This means 182 votes gain!!!!

and some other statistics.

 curl -s https://demodun.github.io/mnowatch/the_results_dashd_24-02-2018.html| awk -F"\"container2" '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){{print $i}}}'|cut -f1 -d"/"|cut -f2- -d"v"|grep freedash|grep using-sms|wc -l

the result of the above code is 130.

Which means that among the 466 who voted YES at 24-2-2018, only 130 voted yes in the first (and failed) sms-otp campaign. Which means another gain of 336 votes!
Great analysis @demo .. you are some kind of genius
Well, I dont know whether it is genius. Some people would say that it is stupid.
This is how I discovered the 91 people who used to vote NO in the first sms-otp proposal, and now they changed their mind.
 expr `curl -s https://demodun.github.io/mnowatch/the_results_dashd_24-02-2018.html| awk -F"\"container2" '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){{print $i}}}'|cut -f1-3 -d"/"|grep freedash| awk -F"\"container3" '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){{print $i}}}'|grep using-sms|wc -l` - `curl -s https://demodun.github.io/mnowatch/the_results_dashd_24-02-2018.html| awk -F"\"container3" '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){{print $i}}}'|cut -f1 -d"/"|cut -f1- -d"v"|grep freedash|grep using-sms|wc -l`
The above query, although correct, it is incomplete, because the sentinel database erases the vote history, so not all masternodes preserve (in the current html report) the way they voted back in december 2017 (when your first sms-otp proposal took place). So if you want the real numbers, you need also to search in older reports of mine, and construct a more complex query that deals with (and join) more than one historical html tables/files of mine. Or if you are unable to construct complicated queries that require you to join html tables, you may search in the report I created using dashninja.pl.

My site is hosted in github.io where they do not allow databases or sql queries. This difficulty made me angry, and as long as I would not like the proverb "the bad workman blames his tools" to characterize me, the above code is an alternative way to simulate the below (simplified) sql query:
select count(voters) from votes_table where voted_for_getgreedash=yes and voted_for_sms-otp=no;
On the other hand, and despite all the disadvantages and the cumbersome (or stupid) way I use, there is a big advantage in my method. Whenever you visit a site that hosts an internal database, you always have to trust that they execute the sql query correctly for you. But maybe they dont!

In my method the data are stored in pure html table format. They are pure html tables, they are not obscure JSON or unreadable sqlite.db data. They can be displayed directly into a browser without using any code, thus they can be readed by ordinary humans. Additionaly I do not execute queries in my site, you should do it by yourself in your computer by using the appropriate combination of curl, grep, sed, wc, sort, uniq and awk commands. So you dont have to trust me that I execute the queries correctly. You also dont have to trust any javascript that I may download into your browser in order to execute queries. By constructing your own query (using the appropriate combination of curl, grep, sed, wc, sort, uniq and awk commands) you trust only yourself. Finnaly, on what it concerns the data integrity and accuracy, you can certainly trust the integrity and accuracy of the html data I provide, because the html file can be reproduced, replicated and tested by anyone who executes my script in his own system. So my method is trustless....and in that sense, Satoshi would be proud of me.
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Amazing things happening here. @Dashmaximalist you are rocking it. This is a model to swiftly get all of Venezuela on dash at a low cost. We will support you massively with targeted traffic from Venezuela as soon as our funds arrive and you are ready.

I do think automated payments and automated fraud detection are absolutely necessary to scale this. Hopefully by end of day tomorrow you'll have the funds necessary to automate.
How is going on the website? Have someone recieved any referral payment since the 2 past weeks ? It should be automated
How is going on the website? Have someone recieved any referral payment since the 2 past weeks ? It should be automated
we are awaiting escrow release from Dash core, once that happens we expect to clear the backlog substantially ,sorry about the delay.
As it has been said before, for venezuelans any $ counts, and it wouldn't be rare at all that the traffic grows exponentially. Be preparing for that possibility.