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DASH in Thailand

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Hi everyone, below is our facebook page. which we use for regular news, posts, updates for Dash in Thailand. As well as a chat support for all Dash Thailand related questions.
We also publish there our events which we always live stream for every dash fan in the world!

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Another Cryptocurrency related BREAKING NEWS in Thailand from the 27th September on bitcoin.com! "Superrich" the most popular currency exchange chain in Thailand, has reportedly revealed a plan to begin offering travelers cryptocurrency exchange service in addition to 32 fiat currencies. The company has 49 locations in Thailand, one in Cambodia, one in Britain, and is also in talks with regulators to start operations in Laos! Please read more here: https://news.bitcoin.com/super-rich-thai-foreign-exchange-chain-cryptocurrencies/ Now it's the right time for DASH to position in Asia. Many opportunities for us here. Thanks for your support and vote on our proposal https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Thailand
TODAY! Join the Dash Thailand team for a night of games, conversation, and pure crypto goodness at the Dash acceptance the Missing Burro Bangkok! RSVP quick and come on time as we have limited seating. First twenty drinks are free with more to win; other prizes are surprises!

ขอเชิญเข้าร่วมเล่นเกมส์ พูดคุยสังสรรค์ สวรรค์ของคนรักคริปโต รีบจองที่นั่งตอนนี้ และอย่าลืมเข้าร่วมงานตรงเวลาเพราะที่นั่งเรามีจำนวนจำกัด นอกจากเครื่องดื่มฟรี 20 แก้วแรกแล้วเรายังมีของรางวัลเตรียมเซอร์ไพรส์มากมาย

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