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Dash Impulse — Dash Ambassadors — Remittances Solution to Venezuela


We, Richard Jerez, Edgar Caballero and Freddy Rauseo, promoters of Dash in Venezuela, with the experience gained in the leadership of @dashlosteques and @dashvlc, communities allied to Dash Venezuela, independently launched Dash Impulse, an organization designed exclusively for the impulse of Dash Digital Money in Venezuela.

We present our best proposal for the promotion of Digital Money Dash:



In Venezuela, merchants currently receiving payments with Dash complain worry about Dash’s low liquidity in the domestic market, few transactions are made, people do have not massively found find the need to change the use of the dollar to pay for their purchases. Using dollars in cash is very risky for the consumer and the merchant. There is also the issue that commissions charged by conventional remittance houses are too high between 12% and 20% and are not convenient for sending low-value daily remittances for the large number of Venezuelans living in Cúcuta and Medellin.


We put liquidity of Dash in the hands of Venezuelans, through the sending of Remittances to Venezuela, giving as the first option that people can decide where to spend it or simply change them to VES, additionally we will educate the merchant in how to consider Dash as an investment and safeguard of value when receiving these Remittances, to sell the dash received on the Platform to be promoted.

Currently, remittances are the second largest source of economic income in the country, after the export of oil, with an estimated $ 3.7 billion for 2019, with a projection of more than $ 5 billion by next year 2020. Dash Impulse aims to bring a percentage of these remittances to the Exchange Houses that use Dash.


Initially, Dash Impulse will promote the organic sending of remittances to Venezuela from the Colombian cities of Cúcuta and Medellín, educating Venezuelan migrants to use the platforms that allow them to buy Dash, thus avoiding the high commissions paid in exchange houses that normally operate with LocalBitcoins. Additionally, Dash Impulse will recover and/or maintain, as much as possible, the merchants adopted so far, so as not to let them confuse with other cryptocurrencies such as BCH.

The other line of action of Dash Impulse will be the promotion of commercial adoption in Venezuela, starting with the cities of Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia where a large number of Dash accepting merchants is already thriving. The goal is to teach the merchant to directly process purchases of products made by Venezuelans abroad, with the purpose of being delivered to their relatives in the country. Those purchases would be processed with Dash.


Adoption Strategy

Colombia Team:


Advertise and promote the sending of remittances through some of Colombia’s exchanges, such as Daexs, which allows you to make Dash purchase transactions with Colombian pesos in real time and at a very low cost. This method will allow recipients to receive up to 12% more than what they would receive using a conventional exchange house.

With the support of the Leaders of Venezuela, a series of meetups conference will be held every month in each city to the general public, especially for Venezuelans, in order to impart knowledge about remittances with Dash.

Colombian ambassadors offer advice and training to those interested in the following topics:

1.1.- Send remittances directly to your family members using Dash, which has an additional 12% benefit, when it is done by the same person, without the need to do so through the exchange office.

1.2.- Buy Dash, post on DAEX platform and exchange, to make the delivery in VES to your relatives in Venezuela.

1.3.- Buy Dash and in turn acquire essential products in Venezuela and make purchases through a Marketplace that accepts Dash.

1.4.- Recruit sellers of private remittances, from the city of Medellín and Cúcuta, to Venezuela, instructing them in the use of Dash to send remittances.

Venezuelan team


2.1.- Promote alliances with the other Dash proposals worldwide and especially with the proposals in Venezuela.

2.2.- Coordinate with Venezuelan businesses and companies so they know how to receive Dash.

2.3.- Coordinate with the top 20 or 40 merchants or businesses, assemble a list of combos that in turn build a list of sites that offer combos to sell in Dash, promote by social media and directly from person to person.

2.4.- Develop volume business to increase acceptance.

2.5.- Achieve commercial alliances with companies that, through a discount strategy, promote the use of Dash as a means of payment for the purchase of their products. The buyer will get the product cheaper when acquiring if he uses Dash instead of fiat, or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

2.6.- Carry out promotional events in universities and business chambers.

2.7.- Promote the use of remittances through Online Marketing in conjunction with the top 20 or 40 merchants or businesses.

2.5.- Develop volume businesses to increase the acceptance of wholesalers to make their payments and transactions with Dash.

2.6. Safeguard and preserve our merchant base, to avoid having them switch to competing coins, avoiding threats made by previous Dash teams.



3.1.- Inform existing traders about the continuity of Dash’s operations in Venezuela and Colombia, clarifying that Dash does not depend on any centralized entity or local organizations.

3.2.- Identify and incorporate merchants with the potential to convert them into commercial Allies and receive remittances, sell combos of their products and services, trade on exchange platforms, in other words, convert them into liquidity agents, through education in cryptocurrencies, raising the level of commercial adoption in order to achieve profitability and financial independence.

3.3.- Select the traders with the greatest potential in interesting areas for migrants (Top 20) and help them in the development and implementation of combos systems with delivery or removable in their facilities to increase their sales.

3.4.- Each ambassador in Venezuela will develop a conference a month in their city, with the support of the leaders, with the objective of informing and encouraging their relatives abroad, about how they can send their remittances through our platform with Dash.

Members of the work team.

Colombia Team:

1.- Juan Ortega, experienced Remittance operator is our ambassador in Medellín.

2.- Ernesto Rodríguez, experienced Remittance operator is our ambassador in Cúcuta.

Venezuela Team:

1.- Michael Gil, experienced Dash promoter, is our ambassador in Caracas.

2.- Darwin Ramirez, experienced promoter of Dash, is our ambassador in Maracaibo.

3.- Marcos Ledezma, experienced promoter of Dash, is our ambassador in Valencia.

Deliverables at the end of the three month proposal:

1.- Share the experience of this project with the other communities so that they can develop their own business organization in their different regions.

2.- 20 private remittance sellers, in the two cities in Cúcuta and Medellín.

3.- 120 shops between the two cities Cúcuta and Medellín.

4.- A sustainable remittance delivery system in 6 months.

5.- 1 workshop or conference about sending and receiving remittances with Dash in each of the cities involved.

6.- Images on social media for each merchant and conference held.

7.- Segmented advertising campaign paid in Instagram in Venezuela, promoting remittances through our platform. Instagram is preferred as it is the most used social media by Venezuelans.

This pilot test has a duration of three months in the cities of Medellín and Cúcuta, given the effectiveness, we will be incorporating other cities in Latin America.

Dash Impulse we are another level!!!


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I have been living in Venezuela during the past 6 months, investigating the market, purchasing with DASH at all types of merchants, using all available POS services from Anypay over Cryptobuyer to XPAY, I was observing how Venezuelans make money and I have been in direct contact with hundreds of Venezuelans and tens of merchants.

Your proposal relies on speculative data, I believe the biggest economy after petroleum in Venezuela is alimentation. I find it very doubful that there would be so many angels outside of Venezuela sending money to their family. Many send mobile phones or other presents directly. Many of these who have gone abroad have a hard time surviving by themselves. Reuters propaganda has mentioned that 3.000.000 to 4.000.000 Venezuelans have left the country, while the official numbers, statistics provided by the government, that actually have to give passports to anyone who wants to leave the country are reporting that 300.000 to 700.000 have left the country to work abroad. I find it very speculative to simply believe the Reuters propaganda who clearly follows an agenda to destabilize the whole South American continent by repeting negative news like a mantra while never releasing anything positive about the achievements of that government...

Remittance requires the sender to already have a DASH income stream, otherwise its not attractive to pay fees on aquiring #DASH in the first place to then pay fees again on changing them for national currency or dollars. How do you want to solve that?

I would totally support your proposal if you would focus on educating these angels outside of Venezuela on how they can purchase goods and services for their loved ones directly. Connecting angels abroad with Venezuelan merchants directly without any intermediate remittance service.

The most efficient opportunity I see for these angels living outside of Venezuela is to pay a bill for their loved ones at one of the 47 TRAKI stores which offer important goods for everyone and users can simply send a photo of the QR Code to abroad.
Next December 18th, Dash Impulse will travel to Cúcuta - Colombia. We will travel with a group of venezuelans shoppers, with the purpose of using all the Dash business and payments possibilities available there at this moment, and to test the actual exchange methods between Dash and COP (Colombian Peso).

We will live a full experience. We will make a bus trip which has been prepared by one of the best tour organizers in Caracas VE; we will cross the Colombian - Venezuela border by foot, and we will get in contact with our ambassador in Cúcuta. From there, we will explore some of the places who accept Dash, we will shop in them and pay with Dash. Also we will check on the BTM teller machines to test them and see for ourselves which possibilites they offer to exchange Dash to fiat. All of this with the purpose of developing a catalog of options for all venezuelan shoppers and improve their experience there, optimizing their time and peace of mind.

Actually venezuelans travel to Cucuta to buy food, clothings, essential goods, medicines and all kinds of products who are either too expensive or too scarce to being bought in Venezuela, and as soon as they arrive to Cúcuta, they have to wait in long lines to exchange their USD to COP in brick and mortar exchange houses, wasting too many hours in those lines. That´s were the run against time starts, because the buses who will take them back to Venezuela that same day are already waiting for them. Also, these shoppers hope for obtaining a good exchange rate which permits them to buy all they need, take advantage of any good offer they can find, in other words, make the most from their money. This can be very stressfull, and to add to the stress, they become an easy target for muggers.

Because of these reasons we, in Dash Impulse, want to experience first hand the convenience of going to Cucuta just having Dash inside our phone wallets. We plan to arrive there, shop very easily at the Dash accepting merchants, and test the possibilities there to exchange Dash for COP in order to shop in non Dash accepting merchants. If we are succesfull in this pilot test, we will be very confident that the shoppers we gathered, will by themselves spread the word about how advantageous is for the venezuelan shoppers to travel to Cucuta just having Dash, instead of bringing big sums of cash with them.

Another of our objectives in this travel, is to meet with Cucuta´s Chamber of Commerce and show them the benefits Dash have for their affiliates. This with the purpose of developing publicity campaigns in Cúcuta to attract more merchants to the adoption of Dash as a payment method.

Lastly, we want to invite to all these persons who collaborated with us in our first crowdfunding effort, to contribute with small donations to make possible this trip and it´s associated pilot test, which is very important to gather information and evidence which will be used to make a good use of the funds of our proposal.