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Dash for Havuta


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Havuta is a blockchain-based data collection app for the development sector, NGOs, etc. We help development organisations collect impact data from their beneficiaries so that they can prove and improve their impact. We are launching in Cambodia and Vietnam mid-year. One critical element of the Havuta ecosystem is incentives for engagement. These are micropayments, mobile phone credits, etc delivered to beneficiaries in exchange for participating in surveys and questionnaires - to close the data deficit the sector faces. We would love to bring Dash as an incentive to this ecosystem. Would a budget proposal be in line with Dash's mission? We are working on some integrations with merchants, though it is early days in those talks. Mainly, however, the idea is to incorporate a fast, seamless micro transfer experience for users in developing countries. African expansion will follow.
Could the Dash NEXT guys get in touch? We have a big project launching soon and want to involve a payments currency.
yeah absolutely. My email is [email protected].
Please send me a quick email with timezone and available call times.
So we can discuss everything easier and take it from there.
Really looking forward