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Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

Frame 48

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The goal of this series is to look at what adoption of cryptocurrency (specifically Dash) looks like around the world. The forces driving it, the people working on it, and the benefits that it can - and is providing the individuals at the forefront of this technological and social revolution.

Over the past several months Frame 48 has been working on pre-production and building relationships with the teams around the world who are working to bring Dash to their respective countries with the intent towards filming and releasing a documentary series about their work.

Our journey begins with KuvaCash and Zimbabwe. We’ve got a good relationship here and are looking forward to working with them to share the work they’re doing with the Dash community, and the rest of the world.

The first episode to be funded will cover KuvaCash and will start filming next month when Drako and James from the Kuva team are in Los Angeles. We’ll interview James and Drako and create some shareable content that they can put up on their social channels and that we’ll also use in our long-form episode on Kuva that will be released later in the year, as they hit their milestones and their story progresses.

Attached, and in the link below, is the pitch deck for this episode.

Google Drive link - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15tOd3qV_sha5VVXmoEbP8U6pdE_oGOZLtm5xVU8JCSY/edit?usp=sharing

The total amount budgeted for this project is 155 Dash($154,915). For a very detailed look at the budget, please refer to the attached document - or the link below.


We’ve included $8,000 in ad-buy to run advertising on social channels as well as on YouTube using the short teaser deliverables that will be produced to go along with the long-form content.

Frame 48 is an award-winning LA-based production company. Their previous work includes projects for Coca-Cola, Bodum, Yamaha, among many others. They’ve even been featured in Forbes’s 30-under-30. They are undoubtedly the right team for this job.

Tom Teller [Executive Producer] - With a background in action sports and visual effects, Tom has shot and directed for brands such as Shimano, Oakley, and Coca-Cola.

Jeff Hodges [Executive Producer] - A post-production and technology expert, Jeff’s experience doing commercial work with tech-heavy brands is unrivaled. He’s worked on projects for TrueCar, Microsoft, Verizon go90, Glide, Google Play, Quicken, Airtable, Osmo, Salesforce, Starbucks, Navdy, Trov, Amazon Studios, EFF, Blizzard, Brideside, Stitch Fix, Wikitribune - and many others.

Julian Connor [Producer] - Aside from managing Frame 48's operations, Julian has edited, sound designed, and produced content for Nike, Red Bull, Coca-Cola and many others.

Nico Aguilar [Cinematographer] - An ASC award winning cinematographer. Nico graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Film and Art History from Chapman University Dodge College. Today he works internationally as a music video, commercial, documentary, and feature film cinematographer

Brodin Plett [Cinematographer] - Brodin is a director and cinematographer that has directed content for Razer, MSI, and Yahoo eSports among others.

Seth Josephson [Director] - Seth is a creative producer who has directed and produced commercial and documentary content for Microsoft, Anheuser Busch, and the Los Angeles Times.

Previous Work:

We’re excited to share the stories behind the DAO-funded teams around the world that are working to bring Dash to their respective parts of the world.

Wherever possible, we will pay those working on the project in Dash with the aim to spread Dash to more and more individuals - driving further use and driving further conversations among young filmmakers in Los Angeles about the work that Dash is empowering.

While we acknowledge that there was another documentary proposal funded in the November budget period, we think that there is still tremendous value in what we’re working on and that the two projects are different enough. On top of that, not only will we deliver sooner, we’ll deliver something with a laser-focus on actual adoption and the effects it has on the lives of citizens around the world.

Future Goals:
We think of this proposal as just the beginning of a much larger story and just the start of realizing our vision. We’re working with Dash Caracas to help share their story as well as with Rod from Dash Dinhiero Digital to cover what’s happening in Brazil and are looking forward to proving ourselves with this proposal before continuing to tell more stories about the adoption of Dash in the places around the world where it’s having the biggest impact.

If you’d like to be a part of our series, feel free to get in touch. [email protected]


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I've been working on this for the past few months with the team at Frame 48 and we're really excited to hear what the community thinks of our proposal.
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Just to chip in here - this proposal is legitimate, the Frame 48 guys would like to help us build a narrative and record the process of us developing and launching Kuvacash, which should provide great insight and let us share the journey. It will also generate high quality video material that will help us to promote Dash and Kuvacash in general. Their videos look great, they are a professional team that I feel will be able to deliver what they say they can.


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I wonder if it would be wise to switch priorities to Venezuela first, as we are about to launch a market analysis that partly includes Venezuela. I mean, by the time the Kuvacash documentary is finished, we may of lost the lead time to coincide with any future marketing effort.

Frame 48

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@GrandMasterDash We're working with them in parallel actually. They're the second people we got in touch with over two months ago now. The timeline for KuvaCash is just a little more pressing, because they're going to be in Los Angeles in early February where we would like to begin filming.

You'll see a proposal for Venezuela next month.


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This is a great proposal to show what dash is doing. Im sure this would be a huge eye opener to the mainstream and timing for marketing could be attractive.

Yes Votes here

Seth Josephson

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Thank you. We believe these are some of the most important stories to tell, both for the established Dash community and for those outside that are seeking proof that it has the potential to change lives.


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Great proposal voting yes.

Just curious but what was the process of coming up with this idea and then deciding on trying to fund it via the Dash treasury?


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Hello, everyone!

Well, I hope this proposal gets funded, as they are a very professional team who are going to get audiovisual communication about DASH to a whole new level.

We have been in communication, starting to make agreements for they to come to Venezuela.

As I have told them, in our country's case, they have to consider 2 important things:
* They have to issue a visa in order to be allowed to enter the country.
* They have to seriously consider security, so I encourage them to get a professional security agency.

I wish them all the succes with this beautiful project.


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Seriously - this is the first time I have watched a video produced about Dash that I am 100% happy with the quality of the end product.

I think Frame48 can be a HUGE asset to Dash and how it promotes itself to the public. The Dash network has enough money to fund high quality work, you have the talent and expertise lets start ramping things up!

Big yes from me, and would also love to hear what other ideas you have, Dash video shorts, Superbowl ads ;)
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Max Yoga

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I think if a team like Frame48 can produce quality like this on an ongoing basis for Dash, it would be very useful and show what we have in the best way possible.