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Dash Core Team Q3 2017 Summary Call


Masternode Owner/Operator
Dear Dash Community Members,

On behalf of the Dash Core Team I would like to invite you for the quarterly call to discuss project progress made during Q3 2017, summarise Core Team activities and answer your questions.

The call will take place on Thursday, 9th of November at 15:00 UTC on our WebEx channel:

There are 100 places available in our virtual meeting room. The call will be recorded and shared on the forum.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Software Development Update
  3. Business Development Update
  4. Marketing and Communication Update
  5. Project Organization Update
  6. Project Finance Update
  7. Summary
  8. Q&A
Pease prepare and submit your questions here in this thread or you will have an opportunity to ask your questions during the call on the chat channel (if there will be no technical issues during the session).

US TOLL:+1-415-655-0001
Meeting Number: 196 385 031

From the other countries, you could try numbers from the list published on the Cisco website (however I cannot guarantee if they work): http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/conferencing-global-access-numbers.html

Thank you
Robert Wiecko
Questions (doubts) from Ru-community:

1. What is going on with business development of Dash? Is Daniel Dias still active in this area and what are team's plans in this direction?
2. What is going on with Evan Daffield - Is he working on his "scalability project" and what is happening there?

I do not understand the absolute silence surrounding Daniel Dias absence, Daniel is an important member of this community and to your core-team as well. If he is indeed taking a sabbatical
then why not just say so ? I hope that gets answerred once and for all in the Q3 2017 call.
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1) Understand we have growing pains but how can Core provide consistent and professional standard of communications and be accountable to the community, to the standard a multi billion dollar business should? A large number of long timers/MNOs are continuously frustrated at the lack of communication and wrong expectations being set. What will Core do to ensure this gap can be solved? (Comms Manager, Comms framework? etc)

2) What is the actual number of full time vs part time developers working on Dash Core vs Evolution?

3) Does core feel as though we have enough developers on Evolution as I have read multiple instances where work has halted due to them being pulled off onto other integrations etc.

4) What percentage of DIPs for Evolution have been completed thus far, is there some other metric that can be applied to provide some form of update to the community that we are making progress. We dont need any set dates, just more than "work is being done"

5) Any further updates to the vague "major" integration announcements that were mentioned at the Dash conference?

6) What is the general morale of the Core team? Is there anything the MNOs/community can do to ensure the Core members are as efficient and happy as can be?

7) Are there security policies in place to ensure no code theft of Evolution can be done by a rogue developer that got access to it as they slipped through the hiring crack?

p.s to the team members that was involved in fixing the MNO sentinel bug, my hat goes off to you, the response and resolution time was first class.
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I do not understand the absolute silence surrounding Daniel Dias absence, Daniel is an important member of this community and to your core-team as well. If he is indeed taking a sabbatical
then why not just say so ? I hope that gets answerred once and for all in the Q3 2017 call.
From Minotaur's profile:
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I don't remember where I read it, but if I recall correctly, Daniel Diaz left Dash Core and something was mentioned about communication issues? Also, one of the positions open in Core, listed as urgent, is Business Development Director. I guess he may have been overly "autonomous"?
DASH should be able to provide its community and interested parties with a monthly report summarizing progress in at least one area to which it is allocating money, brainpower and/or partnering efforts. "Mums the word" seems to be the general procedural practice in the cryptocurrency world between developers and hoi polloi. Money expenditure may be an issue for most, but DASH seems better able to pay for such market "pandering" than most.
Guys, kindly please avoid speculations here - there is no reason to create sensation. Just ask the questions and they will be answered during the call.
Has Dash been delisted from BTC38 ?

Link : http://www.btc38.com/news/2017/10/15741.html

If yes, has there been communication with BTC38 to see if it can be rectified ?

Edit : i just received a reply by tungfa : https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/btc38-dash-delisted.17632/#post-144344

supposedly all exchanges will be out of China by the end of this month. they are delisting trade pairs step by step

This could be wearth sharing on the Q3 2017 call, its a bit of valuable information and i'm curious how this effects our strategy plan in China (if we have any strategy plan there).
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Hi Robert,

Five (5) questions to Ryan on Legal structure / Competition / Crypto-Integrations / Investments;

Legal Structure

1- When is the Dash legal structure in switzerland expected to be established? - time frame / roadmap?

2- I understand the legal structure in the company will be "owned" by MNO, has the mechanics been formalized? Which Law firm is Dash working with on this front?


3- Other projects in the space today are springing up - labeling themselves as competition to Paypal. Such example is UTrust. How does Dash view the projects coming up in this space and is their any plans of cross integration collaboration with projects?


4- Another example is BlockV, stating they will integrate blockchains such as Bitcoin, Eth, EOS etc - with their team most optimistic about integrating with EOS because the cost of transactions is almost free on EOS; they might have not heard of Dash yet - How does dash view the virtual goods market, VR/AR, and any plans to integrate into these markets or platforms as a payment layer?


Ryan mentioned Y-combinator in the london Conference in comparison to Dash;

5- Does Dash have plans to use the switzerland entity to invest in projects in the crypto-space as well? - the size of Dash organization can allow it to engage in private sales, both extracting value for MNOs from the ICO space on an organization level and both benefiting from competitors success. This of course doesn't have to be ICOs but that's where most projects are springing as today, at least at the "fund raising" stage.


Pease prepare and submit your questions here in this thread or you will have an opportunity to ask your questions during the call on the chat channel (if there will be no technical issues during the session).

Robert Wiecko
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1. We need better communications in both directions. Faster responses, more frequent, more dependable, and more systematic with a specific person in charge. This will prevent the need for the community to pester everybody on core that they can think of when we have some urgent question. If this is not immediately possible, can we set a date by which we will have a designated person on core to facilitate better communication in both directions? I can assure you if we do this, we cut the unnecessary drama by >75%.

I would note that Core has made some improvements in this area, but have not really solved the problem.

2. If we complete, and begin to use the the legal entity for Dash and/or the Masternodes in Switzerland, will that change our status with regard to the Howey Test? I'm sure you have considered this, I just want a little hand-holding and assurance that we do not need, and will not get the SEC crawling into bed with us.

3. Do we have "Key Man" insurance? This has two versions. The literal version is that a business or group can purchase life/disability insurance on specific team members, such that if this key member were to die or become disabled, the group gets a substantial amount of money to hire a very high caliber replacement on an emergency basis. I'm not suggesting we need to take a life insurance policy out on Even and/or Ryan and/or our top 10 essential team members. (although that is a real and legitimate insurance product).

The second version (which I am suggesting) is to have a plan in place to compensate for the sudden/unplanned loss of a critical team member for any reason. Do we have such a plan? How many people on Core are critical for timely progress, and would be difficult to replace, which could set the whole project back significantly?

4. Are we developing a specific strategy to get into the remittance business in a big way, hardware, software, marketing, etc?

Edit: 5. Are all devs getting honest to God market rates? Does everybody on the team that is full time (>30 hours per week) have real benefits including health insurance? What is the protocol for giving raises? And just to be clear, if market rate for a 40 hour per week dev is $65,000 a year, I want our people to get $75,000.
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What's the status on the BlockCypher Dash Grant program?

1- How many projects are currently in that program?

2- Does Dash or Blockcypher take equity stake in these projects? And if not are there plans for the Dash Switzerland entity to take equity stake in funded projects whether in this program or other future programs?

3- What's the size of the fund / grant? And how long is it for? Is it a revolving fund?

4- Is this fund being actively marketed? Any plans to increase the marketing for this grant? We don't see much news on outcomes of this fund since last announcement in August 24th 2017 nor much marketing around it or news about projects it has funded!

5- Is Blockcypher investing any of its funds into this grant or is it purely Dash funding? if so, what's the split?

6- Are there any other similar funds or initiatives at an instructional level for the development of software solutions around the Dash blockchain in the works?
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We have heard of the Evolutuon development roadmap, but very little about the merchant adoption roadmap.

A few questions.

- How is DASH going to attract merchants to adopt the currency?

- What would be the advantages of these merchants to work with Dash as opposed to a ‘universal’ payment converter such as UTRUST which would allow clients to pay in whatever currency they want, and merchants to receive fiat.

1- When will the community have access to the read-only repository that was promised last Q2 call?

2- Can "shareholders" MNOs have access to the private repository of Evolution? - maybe not all MNOs , but shareholders that meet certain general criteria in time and investment.

3- Alternatively, given the size of the Dash Core organization, has the organization considered officially hiring an internal auditor reporting to the shareholders MNOs? - similar to DFN but in an official capacity within the Dash Core? If not, then why not?

4- Can Dash core hold an AMA weekly session? - We've seen other projects doing this and it's been received positively by those communities.

5- What's the status on the contract with Ogilvy & Mather, particularly step-1 of the contract "Brand Positioning"?

6- The project progress reports posted by Robert seem to show a trend being established. Namely, lack of resources and key people stretched over multiple projects; How does Dash plan to address this in the immediate term (1-3 months) and on the long term? as well as what mechanisms are being implemented to address this ahead of time in the future?

7- Is there any plans to foster an atmosphere inside Dash core similar to the 20% rule implemented by Google, where developers can or should have 20% of their time in a week officially taken to develop other side-projects that can help the ecosystem? - Of course the stipulant here is Dash switzerland (MNOs) can always invest in promising projects as early investors. This also means more developers are needed.
once a month would be fine. Unrelated to the monthly AMA, or Joel report, we need a contact person for timely answers to urgent questions.
to the team members that was involved in fixing the MNO sentinel bug, my hat goes off to you, the response and resolution time was first class.
It was a really easy fix to a problem that was really easy to spot... So easy, one wonders how it was ever there.

Such facepalm. That was superderp.

But, it's fixed now, so whatevs. Lets not dwell...

Hows that 12.2 coming?