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Dash Core PR Status Report


This update’s purpose is to share with the community the progress of our PR efforts for 2018 with Wachsman. Below you will find a report that shares the general performance of Wachsman and DCG’s PR efforts. We are sharing the metric based success we have achieved in 2018 along with the links to the majority of media coverage we have earned so far this year. We are excited to share that August 2018 has been our best month for PR so far this year and Q3 is appearing to be our best Quarter ever in earned media.

On the lists of media coverage there are many outlets (Investor Ideas, Investing.com Russia, etc.) explicitly marketed to investors, and the Overview mentions "the addition of a new Marketing Manager."

What steps have been taken to ensure Dash is not being marketed as an investment? Please clarify exactly where PR for Dash as a payment network stops and marketing Tier 2 Masternodes as an investment begins. Is even possible to promote one without the other, since they are functionally inseparable (because Masternodes enable the payment rail)?

Does Wachsman's Dash-sponsored content get approval by DCG's legal team (the ones in charge of keeping the SEC quiescent) before publishing?
That is an important topic, thank you for bringing it up.

What we do with Wachsman is earned media. This means we don’t pay for that coverage and we don’t have editorial control. We work so others write about us. To achieve that, Wachsman communicates with journalists and educates them. They also arrange interviews with people on the team or the community, so the journalist has access to first-hand information and testimonials.

We are cautious with the messages that Wachsman or the people in the team deliver to the journalists. We have a messaging framework that is in line with the advice from our lawyers. Everyone in the team who has contact with media goes through training, so they don’t deviate from the safe messages around the important topics like this one.

As for the outlets, we are in the financial sector, so we will naturally be covered by outlets that discuss investments. However, we never talk about Dash as an investment. Some journalists will sometimes add comments about that, but that is not something we can control. It happens even on sites like Coindesk. It is a crypto focused site, but they talk about prices and tokens as investments all the time.

As long as we are not the ones actively talking about Dash as an investment, we are in a safe position.