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DASH Canada Advertising - Preliminary

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This proposal is to purchase local advertising in the forms of billboards and park benches based on the DASH Brand Style Guide. Cryptocurrencies in general and DASH in particular are not widely known, nevertheless used in Canada. The community that I live in is a top ten city in Canada in terms of population and is located directly in the center of the country and is also known as a hub for cross country transactions.

The target of this campaign would be the following:
  • Migrated Citizens - the number of citizens who have migrated from other countries is quite high and many of these citizens regularly send money or buy goods and services for their families and friends still living in other countries such as the Philippines and I anticipate they would be very receptive to the DASH solution.
  • Merchants – exposing merchants to this new method of doing business.
  • General Population / Peer to Peer Users – bring awareness to the brilliant innovations of the DASH community and how the unknown DASH crypto is actually leading the industry.

The plan for this initial proposal will be to bring brand awareness to this market. As a first-time proposal submission, my intent is to start small with local advertisements that are relatively inexpensive. My plan includes the following:

  • Bright blue DASH colored advertisements in strategic high traffic locations to bring awareness to the existence of this brilliant and very useable yet highly unknown cryptocurrency to the population of Canada.
  • I would also like to promote the DASH YouTube channel with the bright yellow photo of Amanda’s five-part video series. If using her photo for advertising is acceptable? The DASH YouTube channel is an easy and effective way to educate the public on DASH innovations.
Upon successful completion of this initial phase of advertising and brand awareness in Canada and easing of the COVID-19 restrictions in my country, I plan on expanding my efforts to match the successful door to door efforts made in Venezuela. These efforts would include hands-on training of interested merchants, introducing these merchants to the availability of POS systems such as EletroPay, and how to create a wallet to store their funds.


~ 5,000 CAD or 3,900 USD Monthly (36 DASH conversion at the time of the proposal) - Digital Billboards and a mixture of park benches/recycling bin advertisements.
~ 500 CAD or 390 USD one-time fee (4 DASH 10% project management fee) - Project delivery managed by myself
~ 5 DASH to recover proposal submission fee

The total Fee for a 3-month proposal is 117 DASH.

After receiving pricing from the vendors in my area I decided it would be more cost-efficient to choose a mixture of Digital Billboards and park benches/recycling bin advertisements. I did acquire a cost for a paper billboard and transit bus campaign. Upon review of these options, it was determined that a single paper billboard would be cost equivalent to using multiple digital billboards of the same size. Having a total of 2 Digital Billboards and 2-3 Park Benches/Recycling Bins would provide a greater chance to catch the eye of as many citizens as possible versus a single paper billboard.

Potential Slogans and Design:

Based on the DASH Brand Style Guide, I plan to use colors, text, and imagery within this guide. I have been also considering adding one or two of the following slogans:
  • Your money, your way. Move Dash in a second for less than a cent.
  • Any amount, any time, anywhere.
  • Blockchain usernames.
  • Near zero fees, instant settlement, and no chargebacks.
Slogan and design will be determined upon review with the graphic design team. All vendors provide these services for free and these costs are already figured into the budget listed above. If there is a preferred slogan that you wish to be used, please share your opinions.

Thank you,
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Migration from countries like the Philippines is quite high but unfortunately the Philippines itself has too few options for dash to pesos. There are a couple of options now but the markup is much too high and it's cheaper to convert to bitcoin and cash out that way.

I suggest you follow the billboard path and local radio, forget about the guerilla marketing angle. Which companies would you approach to pay for such things?
What is your marketing experience?

Is there a website with your resume information available?

Please describe your two most successful marketing campaigns you've managed for other clients.
I am generally voting no on DASH.<country name here> proposals, they are low value and we haven't seen them convert into actual adoption. If you are serious about this figure out a way to track conversions and then I would take another look at it.
I am generally voting no on DASH.<country name here> proposals, they are low value and we haven't seen them convert into actual adoption. If you are serious about this figure out a way to track conversions and then I would take another look at it.

It's shotgun advertising, would rather see something like a revival of meetups, people driving by on the Highway are not buying anything but local goods.
@xkcd @AgnewPickens is there not value in having the DASH brand being seen?

The reason I choose this approach for DASH is because everyone and their grandma who has heard of cryptocurrency can mostly only name Bitcoin. This shotgun approach is effective for simply making people outside the crypto community have the conversation based on “what is DASH - digital cash?”

How do you plan to activate and convert people exposed to these billboards?