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Dash AeroSports Vehicle New Branding alignment


Dash AeroSports is submitting this current proposal to align branding requirements for our team. Dash AeroSports has ensured that our team complies with the new branding directives throughout July, August and Sept events.

We have attempted to refrain from any proposals during the constricted funding limits. Our operation has already funded the current vehicle branding. We have broken the proposal request into 4 payments to ensure the smallest draw placed on the treasury system.

The Dash Bus, Dash Force One Virtual Reality experience, crew car, and Dash Force One Jet are currently engaged in monthly events while engaging crowds between 80,000 to 250,000 spectators each.

Dash AeroSports has demonstrated in the past that our team will also utilize the Dash Branded fleet at other ground-based events as well. Miami Bitcoin Conference, Boca Raton Fashion Show, etc. We intend to seek and attend as many events as possible throughout the remaining 2018 and 2019 schedule.

The Dash AeroSports Fleet has already been featured on NBC Sports TV footage. Events have taken the Dash Bus from Florida to Oregon and back already this month. Thousands of miles coast to coast throughout the US.

We believe the Dash Bus fleet wraps provide one of the greatest values in advertising for Dash. Large, professional and clearly seen from great distances.












Dash Bus Design and Full Wrap: $14,000

27” Trailer housing the Dash Virtual Reality Experience: $4,800

Crew Car displayed alongside the Jet: $3,200

Dash Force One Branding Logos $2,600

Dash Fleet Wrap Total: $24,600

$24,600 @ $172.88 (30SMA) = 142.3Dash

Dash Proposal Fee = 5Dash

Total Dash Request = 147.3Dash / 37Dash for 4 Months
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I think the alignment to Dash new branding directives is a good idea. The monthly costs in this budget proposal are also not too taxing on our budget.
You have my support.