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Darksend mixing liquidity measure

Recently I was trying to anonymize about 200 DASH @ 4 rounds. It took more than one day to complete 50 %. The problem seems to be the 10 DASH denomination. There are not so many users mixing with that denomination. The 0.1 and 1 DASH denominations are OK.

My question is quite straightforward. Is there any quantitative measure of the mixing liquidity? How can I find out how many users are currently mixing prior to starting the mixing process?

Another question related to the mixing. Many (stealth) addresses are created during Darksend mixing (few thousands?). What happens if the system crashes or there is power outage during the mixing? If I understand correctly, the mixed as well as partially mixed funds get lost unless there is a backup! To address this issue, would it make sense to do auto-backups after each successfully completed mixing round or something similar?

Thank you in advance for your answer. And sorry if it was already explained elsewhere ;)
My question was kind of similar, I wondered about mapping how many normal transactions are in the memory pool at one time, the 2 must be connected ?