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Darksend looping, no mixing occuring


Update: I let it run overnight last night and it slowly completed (well, 97%) over about five hours.

Note: I'm using the newest wallet version (as of this writing), v0.10.16.15-beta.

I've been trying for the last three or four days to re-Darksend my coins due to the recently-resolved security issue with no luck. I had sent myself coins from a paper wallet back to my "hot" wallet so I can reanonymize them.

I set the "Amount and Rounds" to "50 DRK" (more than I've currently got in my wallet) and "8 Rounds". However, Darksend keeps looping with this:

Darksend is idle => Darksend request incomplete: Last darksend was too recent. Will retry... => Darksend is idle

Occasionally it says:
"Submitted to masternode, waiting in queue..." for 5-10 seconds but goes back to "Darksend is idle." without starting the mixing.

I've received several payments from non-exchange sources since importing my paper wallet. Is there anything I could try to get this working again?
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I am also getting the same and has been going for a week with 0% so far.

Also my main balance is decreasing steadily.

Any ideas ??