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Darksend is limited by Transaction too Large errors


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I hold quite a few Dash and I regularly mix them with DS (3 rounds usually).

However, any attempt to send large Dash amounts (either through Normal or Darksend or IX) will fail with a 'transaction too large' error. This can be as small as 50 Dash.

The interesting thing is that within Coin Control I was selecting all non-masternode inputs so it should have selected the right ones, however it still refused to go.

What I did was to slowly transfer normally into one Dash address and consolidate it all in one address and only then was I able to send 1000 Dash out.

Is this because each Darksend denomination is only 0.1 and too many inputs are required? Sounds like something is buggy though.
I raised this problem to tungfa and fernando and seems that it will be resolved in next release. This resolves the problems people are having when people leave their wallets open and mixing and having masternode payments coming in and being mixed automatically. As Dash masternode payments tend to be in the 2.1-2.5 range, it always goes down to 0.1 denominations making it hard to send large amounts of 0.1s.

Also thanks to UdjinM6 for this

It takes the new funds and then splits them starting from the smallest denomination. It makes 20 denominations and then goes to the next biggest denomination. Considering this, 2.1 dash is always 20x0.1 + some change. He has already pushed a fix in the code. From next version the wallet will check how many denominations there are already of that size and, when it finds 100, it will skip that denomination and go to the next bigger one:


Thanks guys!