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DarkcoinTalk's Policy on Alternative Cryptocurrencies

How do you feel about this policy?

  • This is acceptable.

    Votes: 16 100.0%
  • This is acceptable with some changes. (please explain)

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  • No! I don't like this but I understand it. (please explain)

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  • No! I strongly dislike it. (please explain)

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Four of Ten
Behind the scenes the moderators and developers have had a discussion on how this forum should approach alternative cryptocurrencies.

We've decided that they will be allowed with exceptions and rules in place.
  • Alternative cryptocurrencies will be limited to the altcoin section.
  • There will be no censorship in these threads. (unless it breaks the rules of pornography or drug use)
  • Giveaway threads are not allowed.
It's expected that if you do not support the alt section, you will ignore the thread or alt forum entirely. Anyone that is purposely harassing these topics will be warned which might later lead to a ban. The same policy applies both ways: darkcoin members and altcoin members.

Why we've come to this decision:

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is extremely small. Hopefully with this policy we can slowly encourage intelligent discussions and conversations on anonymous cryptocurrencies, competing technologies, and gradually gain a larger user base for darkcoin itself.

Policy acceptance or disgust.
I'd like to know the general sentiment of these policies. If it is other than "This is acceptable", please explain why. Depending on the consensus, the policies might be adopted or changed.