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MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

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DarkcoinTalk is pleased to announce its very own mining pool! Mining.DarkcoinTalk.org

This server is a fully dedicated private machine specifically for Darkcoin.

It is co-ran by myself, Propulsion.

The other individual is a professional systems administrator holding a Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate. (CISSP)

Your earnings are safe and your earnings are secure.

New features are coming to the forums and the pools very soon!

Mining.DarkcoinTalk.org and p2pool.DarkcoinTalk.org
It looks like some of the big pools are down, which has led to Suchpool having 50.9% of the network hashrate. I can only encourage miners to move to another pool... An ideal time to remind everyone that it's 0% mining fees at the official DarkcoinTalk Pool, http://mining.darkcointalk.org/
My sgminer shows that I found a block but not showing in the pool. Only showing one block found by yibble.
Hi whoa168,

Interesting, can you send me the block number, ETC.. I notice you're putting out about 20% - 30% invalid shares, so I wonder if there's an issue there too.

I see that the block is registering as found, we're processing the incoming transactions, and once they're confirmed payments will go out! Congratulations!!! That's our second block!
I just updated all my computers and started 'em up on DarkcoinTalk pool, yaaay! I know we're small, but we'll get bigger I'm sure!
Welcome aboard TantaStefana! Awesome to have you mining with us. I'll be adding some more hashing power to my own rig soon, so we'll see that hashrate jump a little shortly ;)
Propulsion, please let chaeplin know how to tell which pool is your's so we can get some recognition. I think we're one of the unknowns on his pie chart :)
Now I'm also mining at this pool, although my current hashrate is very small.

But will this pool ever find blocks? :confused:

Est. Shares this Round 267,867 (done: 322.26%)
Time Since Last Block 192 hours 32 minutes 10 seconds
I grabbed a screenshot too :) Well done everyone, I'm watching the confirmations now, so payouts should go out soon!
Mining.darkcointalk.org Data Center is experiencing issues. The pool will be temporarily unavailable.

I will update this post when everything is back up and running.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pool is back up. Down time less then 15 minutes. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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Someone decided to mine with a Bitcoin ASIC. They have since been dropped.

Besides the massive efficiency drop off, (due to the attacker) everything is performing flawlessly. All valid shares are still valid, and the attack only harmed the efficiency % and nothing else.
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