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Darkcoin p2pool. Dallas, Texas USA server. TreasureQuarry. 1% fee


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Come bring your mining equipment and dig out some Dash at TreasureQuarry's fun and friendly pool.

It's quick and east to start mining at TreasureQuarry's Dash pool. The advantages with p2pool include there's no need to "sign up" and no coins are held on the server - they go straight out to miners' wallets as soon as blocks are found. Also if a p2pool node goes down, you'll still get coins you've earned from other nodes on the p2pool network.

Just use the following settings for your miner:

Mining address (url) (remember to include the port number after the colon)

A unique address from your Dash wallet on your computer, for example Xs49dy7e6cyTeyBaHLEkM53EADjcy51AK9 (don't use this particular address otherwise your earnings will go to me). Please do not use an exchange address or online wallet address.

Anything you like - this is unimportant with P2Pool

So putting it all together, as an example using the Dash minerd you would use in a simple command line:

minerd -o http://dash.treasurequarry.com:7903 -u YOURDASHADDRESSHERE -p x


minerd -o stratum+tcp://dash.treasurequarry.com:7903 -u YOURDASHADDRESSHERE -p x

Once you find a share, payments will start going straight to your wallet as soon as the Dash p2pool network finds a block and will continue until that share "runs out" (or will keep going if you find another share before the previous one runs out). Due to the way p2pool's PPLNS (pay per last N shares) works, the payments may seem to start slow but will then build up to reach a peak and reasonably steady rate.

You can view statistics at http://dash.treasurequarry.com:7903/static/ , and graphs at http://dash.treasurequarry.com:7903/static/graphs.html . Your own graph will show on the graphs page under the heading of your Dash address.

TreasureQuarry's reliable server is based in Dallas, Texas in the USA.

Pool fee is just 1% which you can confirm at any time at http://dash.treasurequarry.com:7903/fee

Happy mining :)
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