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Darkcoin (AKA Dash) to cease trading on Bitfinex ! (secure your funds)


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Darkcoin (AKA Dash) to cease trading
Posted: August 06, 2015 17:12

Due to persistently low demand for trading in Darkcoin (AKA Dash), we have decided to remove Darkcoin from our crypto-currency trading pairs. Darkcoin trading will terminate on August 31st, 2015 at midnight UTC. Users will have one month - until midnight UTC on September 30, 2015 - to withdraw their darkcoins before all Darkcoin wallets are removed from the site. After removal, any darkcoins not withdrawn will be moved to a separate wallet controlled by Bitfinex, requiring users to contact support to claim any remaining funds.


43k US$ in 24hours ?!Why would they kick us ?
It's only 1.5% of their overall volume, Bitcoin and Litecoin are their big players.


--> http://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/bitfinex/
I will send them an email and see what is up
in a nice, professional way obviously !
It might not affect us at all and might help Dash volume to increase on some other exchanges like Bittrex.... But I believe this is due to some irresponsible Dash people harassing BFX about the name change on their Twitter:


"don't think that's an option. you rather change to DASH or remove it. DRK does not exist." ????
Now he's got his wish!!!

continue on down...


"XDC, and XDS are taken, XDH is available, and would fit in to your system. Then you can refer to it as Dash, and use XDH."????
Does he even represent any of us ??? !!!!

Edit: https://twitter.com/bitfinex/status/598824558473441281
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Damm this sucks. I'm sure in the long term this wont matter, but on the positive a good opertunity to buy coins a little cheaper thanks to the knee jerk reaction of a few dumpers.
email reply from Bitfinex:

DASH was adopted by Bitfinex several months ago, but it never reached 1% of our total USD monthly volume.
I'm sorry but for us the burden of keeping it as a trading pair is really not justified by its volume.

so be it !
please do NOT hustle them by email or Twitter !
They are arrogant in my view. Good riddance to them. I wouldn't want to do do business on an exchange which is not able to offer the major currency pairs.

Lol, can you imagine going to a bureau de change to get some money for your next vacation....

Me 'I'd like to change some dollars for some euros, some yen, and some Chinese currency please...'

Bureau 'Sorry sir we only deal in euros and yen, you see there isn't currently as much demand for the Chinese currency at the moment and as we're not very forward thinking, we've decided to abandon it, and it's extremely confusing for us because we can't cope with the fact it is known by 2 names. For these reasons we've decided to not offer this service anymore.. Sir, sir,... Come back please.....<..oh, he's gone...>'

Vote with your Dollars ppl!
.. Or maybe they've been 'leaned on' to remove Dash by some entity who does not want to see a privacy centric coin succeed?

Who knows...?

Anyway, I like www.shapeshift.io

Yes it's expensive, but it is simple and it works efficiently. No stress!