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Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF) Update



The CryptoLifeX team would like to thank you for the vote of confidence to fund our platform. Currently we are already in Alpha version, after several weeks of tests in the TestNet and working hard solving all the errors and issues that were presented.

Although at this time we want to apologize for the delay we have had in the official launching of the platform due to the low prices of Dash as the whole community has suffered, in addition to several technical complications, system services migrations for better the performance, price changes, among others and this has generated extra expenses that have made our budget go down much faster than we think.

But this note is not intended to complain or ask for more money, but we want to reiterate our commitment to Dash and the entire community at the same time we will announce our progress on March 24, 2018 at the 6th Dash Caracas' Conference and we will be launching the Beta version on the Live Net.

We would like to say thank you again for your trust and we reiterate our commitment to Dash Digital Cash.


- Register 100%
- Confirm Register 100%
- Perfil and Edit Perfil 100%
- Run Node 100%
- Create buy order 100%
- Create sell order 100%
- Send and Receive Dash 100%
- Escrow 100 %
- Admin API 80 % Frontend


- Principal Page 100 %
- Register Page 100%
- Perfil Page 100%
- Selling orders Page 100%
- Buying orders Page 100%
- Chat Between Buyer and seller 80%
- Admin Dashboard 80 %

Marketing and Advertising: On Going
Dear Dash Community, we are writing to you very respectfully in order to inform you of the reason for the non-compliance with the launch of our platform Cryptolifex.com agreed for the March of this year. This clarification aims to respond to the uncertainty that has arisen between the members of the Dash community and people who wish to use our web portal to make transactions with Dash Digital Cash.

The amount we requested in January of this year was approximately 13,000 USD for the development of the platform and other expenses such as advertising, payment of servers, among others, the expenses after that should be supported by the same platform to be working.

When we received the Dash, the currency had fallen approximately between 60 - 70% of its value, which caused a significant decrease in the initial budget, that is, that it had 6,000 USD and not 13,000 USD. Without any doubt, with this amount it was impossible for us to finish the platform on the agreed date, so we considered making a new proposal to reach the estimated amount that was 13,000 USD, however, we decided to continue with the project by reducing the staff that would be responsible of the development of the platform and therefore the time to complete the development of it would increase.

It is important to note that all the tests in both the testnet and livenet were carried out successfully, we even made a live presentation of the use of our platform in one of the Dash Venezuela conferences where a person could send their Dash to the platform and Sell them successfully.

We are currently working in the administrative system, once we finish it we will do all the necessary tests to go to production, once all the tests are finished we will go out in beta version for approximately 500 people, which will last for 4 to 7 days, or the time considered necessary to carry out the official launch of Cryptolifex.com

We apologize again for not being able to launch the platform in March, we will launch the platform for the whole community in this second quarter of the year, we will be updating the information.

Without further reference we cordially say goodbye to you

Cryptolifex Group C. A.