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Crowfunding Work Continuity, RedProductiva Dash- Merida Venezuela

Red Productiva

New member
REDPRODUCTIVA continuing with its work and fulfilling the requirements of some MNO of the Community, I presently present the need to request Crowfunding to be completing the work done by the community in the City of Merida- Venezuela.


In this opportunity the Crowfundig will take place with some of the groups of businessmen interested in adptar dash as means of payment. In this case, I am referring to the "EL MERCADITO" Group where 35 of its members will be educated in the DASH Payment system.

Friends MNOS, Friends of the DASH Community, Help me continue my work.

Thank you

Edwar Vidarte
@ redproductiva1

Budget Files:



Dash Wallet: XjFYTu8A1K6NQaFU2t5542Y6Pb29mLjVcN

Friends of the community, I have been conducting evaluations on the proposal for this cycle, I will be including new information in the new Progress report system as well as a cost update. I just hope you can help me reach the goal of 1 Dash for the Fee of this cycle in DashBoost. Thankful for your contribution..

Dash Wallet: XjFYTu8A1K6NQaFU2t5542Y6Pb29mLjVcN