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Creation of new Own dash wallet


New member
I am new to cryptocurrency world. I want to create new own dash wallet. So, where i have to start?
which platform and library i shall use? how to test using test net?

Please forgive me if this is chilly question.

Hi @rafarossi

The platform and library are up to you, there are several SDKs listed in the merchants section of the documentation, since it is usually merchants or exchanges that have special needs like this: https://docs.dash.org/en/latest/merchants/technical.html#sdk-resources
There is some basic information on testnet here: https://docs.dash.org/en/latest/developers/testnet.html

For details on the protocol and code, see the developer documentation: https://dash-docs.github.io/
Or start reading the code for the reference wallet implementations on GitHub: https://github.com/dashpay

Hope this helps...
thanks for your time. can you give basic example to create private address and send to dash testnet address to check basic functionality
All Dash addresses are public, there is no distinction between public/private addresses like in e.g. Zcash. Privacy is achieved through a coin mixing process, you can read about the details in the documentation. A lot of this has been translated into other major languages already, so if you speak e.g. Spanish it might be easier to read the Spanish version :)
ok. am trying to do send transaction operation. in utxo, how to get txid? this is my 1st transaction. and one more thing. how to change the network from livenet to testnet in code?