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Create awareness for Dash in Iran (one Persian website+a tutorial article+7 subtitled videos)


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Overview of the Project (5 Steps)
  1. Translating and adding subtitle to 7 Videos about Dash:
  2. Translating an introductory article about Dash
  3. Registering a domain name and hosting for 2 years
  4. Designing a simple website and adding the contents
  5. Promoting the website and videos via Persian social bookmarking websites, Persian video hosting services (since Youtube is blocked here) and Persian cryptocurrency forums
Hi guys,
I would be thankful to get your feedback on our project (and maybe your support!)

The aim of the project is to promote Dash as a better alternative to fiat currency and payment methods for Persian-speaking individuals. Although Dash has some undeniable advantages over Bitcoin (e.g. faster transactions, lower fees, etc.), Iranians mainly know about Bitcoin and are interested to invest in buying bitcoin or mining it. Improving Dash awareness can eventually increase its adoption through more wallet install, more merchants, more miners and even masternodes.

We need about $800 (about 4 Dash) plus 1 Dash as proposal reimbursement

Escrow: If passed, this project will be escrowed (though not endorsed) by @Pasta

Why Persian-Speaking Countries?
Like Venezuela, Iran is one of the countries which are suffering from high inflation rate and devaluation of national currency. As a result, many people prefer to change their saving into something more valuable. However, there are good infrastructure for communicating and e-commerce. By March 2018, 53 million users in Iran had access to mobile Internet, which is a significant number for a developing country.

Afghanistan is another Persian-speaking country. Although it does not have a very high inflation, many of its people do not have access to banking services. Nations of both these two Persian-speaking countries can use Dash to solve their problems.

Persian is not yet a supported language both in Dash website or many wallets, but this situation is changing since Ali, one of my friends in Australia, is working with DCG to translate these things in Persian. This proposal is intended to complement and build on that work by spreading information about Dash in a way that is accessible to Persian speakers.

Our Team
I am founder and admin of Arznegar. It is a Persian website, covering cryptocurrency and blockchain news, analysis and tutorials. Currently it has about 1.5K unique visitors. it has also the 2nd rank in Google search for the Persian equivalent of “cryptocurrency”. Arznegar has also a Telegram Channel and Twitter account which users join to follow our latest news and articles.

We have already published different articles about Dash in Arznegar. I have worked voluntarily with MyDashWallet to add Persian to its supported Languages
and created Wikipedia page in Persian for Dash.

Project Milestones and Schedule
Milestone: 7 Dash School Videos
Due Date - 25 Oct 2018
Milestone: Launch of website with the introductory article and other content
Due Date - 15 Nov 2018

Success Criteria
The videos will be considered launched when Persian subtitles are available live on YouTube and Persian video hosting services. The website will be considered launched when it is online with the specified content. Since this is an initial launch, we will additionally give a detailed report about statistics of users’ engagement (visits, retweets, repost, etc.). This report can be used to target Persian-speaking individuals better for the next similar projects.
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Hi @Saleh welcome to the forum! And thanks for your great work translating articles for Arznegar and MyDashWallet! It's great to see a strong start to Persian content coming from Iran :)

I really like this proposal and I think getting a presence in Persian language has a lot of potential for future growth, for similar reasons to what we have seen in Argentina and Turkey recently. DCG will have the official website and mobile wallets available in Persian soon as well, so I think we have some synergy going here! Since you obviously already have web skills, I would encourage you to extend this proposal by registering a domain for Dash in Iran and creating a single-page site, similar to the discoverdash.org landing page, to act as a landing page for Persian speakers interested in Dash. Links to wallets, exchanges, the videos you will translate and to official sources of Dash information like dash.org and discoverdash.com would be a great start. Creating links like this means search engines start to recognise the information is related, and your site would soon be the first or second hit when people search for Dash (or altcoins) in Persian.

Good luck with this, hope to see it on Dash Boost soon!
@Saleh -- Hello and thank you for your pre-proposal. This sounds like a great initiative, and it bodes well for you that you've already done a lot of work within the ecosystem on your own time. I think Iran would be a great place for Dash to explore for the reasons that you mentioned as well as the fact that despite the currency problems there's still a fair amount of wealth and already-existing infrastructure. Additionally, because of the geopolitical situation there, the ability for Dash to circumvent certain political and economic obstacles that might stifle other forms of payment makes it an ideal fit for the people of Iran as well. Happy to support your initiative!

What can you tell us about the general situation for cryptocurrency there aside from an awareness of bitcoin. Are there any active exchanges, does anyone there mine, what do people in Iran that are involved in cryptocurrency do with it, etc?
In my opinion, Awareness creation is one of the great tools that will help fuel massive adoption of Dash.
Good luck my friend
So happy to see this! All the best for your proposal which will certainly help greatly with Dash uptake in Iran!
Definite yes. Welcome aboard!

Also consider setting up a support center with a phone number like Dash Help Venezuela, I'd vote yes for that, too.

That's a pretty nice idea. I guess we have to sett up a support center for the next phase, since for the 1st phase we are just creating some basic materials. Thanks for your feedback. It was so nice :)
Hi arthyron,
Thanks for your comment!

Here are what I think or know about your questions:

Although the government has not yet issued any permission for cryptocurrency exchange, there are a dozen of them, which let users convert their cryptocurrencies into Rials or vice versa. There are also 2 P2P exchange platform (local version of localbitcoins) which are gaining popularity.

Mining is also a very hot topic. Fortunately, the government has formally accepted crypto mining as an industry. However, it is not regulated yet. As one of the main crypto news website, we frequently receive different questions (via Email or social media) about starting to mine, how to invest, etc. I guess many individuals are interested to invest in it.

Speculation is the main goal of buying cryptocurrency. Although it is a global trend, due to devaluation of money, here it’s more significant. However, due to lack of access to International credit cards or other global payment methods, some others crypto-holders use it to buy stuff like VPN, Amazon or iTunes gifts cards or even pay for web hosting.

thanks again :)