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Core Wallet Private Send Bug? PrivateSend "completion" mixing stuck


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Could someone please assist.

This appear to be a Dash Core Wallet Bug on the Private Send Mixing feature

I have the DashCoreWallet Version 12.2.3 (64 bit) I clicked the Start Mixing button and the mixing started OK. However the mixing was taking several hours and it got to about 43%. There is a balance on the PrivateSend available. I Clicked STOP MIXING after several hours because it was taking a lot of time to complete the full mix. However the Completion progress bar is still showing 43%. I then clicked RESET to see if it would clear that progress bar however it did not and it is still stuck at 43% .

Looking the available balance it appears all my funds are available and the Pending balance is showing 0.00 There is a Private Send balance showing from the part mixing.

I shut the wallet down and restarted and it still showing 43% progress. I then sent to Settings / Wallet / and ticket the Enable PrivateSend MultiSession . I left the wallet for another few hours to see if that would clear the Completion 43% on private send progress bar however it did not. It is still stuck at 43%.

How can I clear this Completion progress bar?

The Status under the PrivateSend button is: Disabled, Keys left: 1001
It shows a private send balance under this
Amount and rounds is my full available balance which is shown at the top under "Available" and / 2 Rounds
Submitted Denom: n/a

Does someone have an idea how to clear this completion issue? Should I just leave my wallet running all night to see if it clears?

I have unlocked the wallet since it was password protected but Do I need to unlock the wallet for this issue to clear? If I'm going to leave the wallet open over night I would rather lock the wallet for security purposes while the "completion" status clears (if that is the issue)

I would be grateful for any assistance a core developer could give on this issue.

Thank you /

The progress bar is showing 43% because that is how much (current mixed balance) has been successfully prepared for PrivateSend as a percentage of the target amount (Settings > Options > Wallet > Amount of Dash to keep anonymized). It sounds like you just need to set this value to the amount you want ready to PrivateSend and let it run - overnight is fine. When the wallet is in a locked state and you click Start Mixing, you will be given an option to enter the passphrase Only for mixing via PrivateSend. That should cover your security concerns? The wallet would need to be unlocked again with a password to actually send Dash to any address.
Thank you Strophy. Your suggestion fixed the issue. I was new to Private Send and I was not aware of those additional settings you mentioned.
I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I decided it was close enough that I would post here.

It seems like since I moved to I have had issues with mixing, similar to the OP. In my case I'm stuck with the dreaded "PrivateSend is idle". This is with mixing set at 8 DASH/4 rounds.

I tried with "Enable PrivateSend multisession" (hover text gave a warning about it's experimental nature) but to no avail.

From some other DASH mixing I had done, I got a hunch that under 10 DASH might have something to do with it. So, I raised the number of DASH to mix from 8 to 12 and viola! Mixing restarted. However, it has not been able to reach my target of 12 mixed, instead settling at 5...but it beats a blank