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Community Q&A - May 2019


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Each month, the ten most popular questions submitted by the Dash community at Dash Nation Discord are collected and sent to Dash Core Group for answers. The intention is to select important and well-thought out questions and filter out unpopular questions, questions that have already been answered and other noise. The submissions for May 2019 are as follows:
  1. Q: After DIP2 activation, DIP2 transactions (which consists at this point mostly of masternode payments from deterministic masternodes) became incompatible with certain hardware wallets. Please provide a status update with regards to problems with DIP2 transactions on the Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey hardware wallets. (qwizzie)

    A (Liz): PRs were created for both BitGo and Trezor support. BitGo’s was merged 4/23. Trezor replied that they decided not to support DIP2 transactions at this time due to limits in how much they can add to firmware. The Business Development / Integrations teams have been working closely with Ledger to provide support while they update their internal stack and libraries.

  2. Q: If users will be able to access their on-chain accounts from various locations or devices once 1.0 rolls out (or soon after, not sure where that feature falls), what steps have been taken toward the implementation of various Two-Factor Authentication methods? Will there be 2FA-via-Hard Wallet or Yubikey or similar support? (Arthyron)

    A (Liz): Users will be able to access their blockchain user accounts from any application that supports them using their seed phrase. There is no secondary authentication required beyond the seed in MVP, though it has been discussed as a potential post-MVP addition. Application developers will obviously also be able to choose what level of client-level security they want to offer users. DashPay and DashWallet both require PINs to access funds once a blockchain user account is imported onto that device.

    A (Ryan): Keep in mind that our mobile wallets are not intended to hold large balances, similar to physical wallets. Larger balances are best stored in hardware wallets, custody services, or completely offline.

  3. Q: Is there any chance to evolve dash to become a smart contract platform with support for custom tokens? Ie stablecoins such as DAI etc... imagine instant tokens in combo with blockchain usernames... that would be something. (dancefordistribution)

    A (Liz): Currently, this is not on our roadmap. Our focus has been on developing a user-friendly payments ecosystem using Dash as the only medium of value exchange. However, we will learn more as the industry evolves, standards emerge, and we gather more feedback from users, businesses, developers and other network stakeholders - so we aren’t ruling anything out.

  4. Q: Are there any plans beyond releasing Evolution MVP? What comes next? (krish)

    A (Liz): There will be many post-MVP improvements that take place after the initial rollout. We are currently working internally to prioritize these. They will represent a blend of both user-facing features not needed for MVP as well as developer tools to allow for easier building on the platform. We aim to publish the planned features of the next two releases, so after 0.14 is deployed on the network, we will begin releasing details about future Evolution features.