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Community Q&A - June 2019


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Each month, the ten most popular questions submitted by the Dash community at Dash Nation Discord are collected and sent to Dash Core Group for answers. The intention is to select important and well-thought out questions and filter out unpopular questions, questions that have already been answered and other noise. The submissions for June 2019 are as follows:
  1. Q: There is a crypto using the Dash brand and logo. Does core (or legal) have a plan of action to address this with regards to use of the Dash brand and trademark? dashgreen (dot) net & https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dash-green/ (triptolemoose)

    A (Ryan): Dash Green is currently a small project (outside the top 1,000) with a market cap under $1m and an anonymous development team. They are not listed on any exchange that lists Dash. We are trying to notify them of the copyright infringement and request that they cease using the Dash name and logo. Given the challenges locating individuals involved with the project, there are few additional steps we can take at this time. We seek any information that can help us take additional steps on behalf of the Dash network, but our belief is that this project will most likely be abandoned given its market position.

  2. Q: Evolution is soon to be released and the only avenue the majority of users have to obtain dash is at smaller exchanges via bitcoin. This defeats the purpose of having an easy to use product. What can DCG do to rectify this before launch? 100% focus should be on the integration with major exchanges such as bitstamp, Gemini and coinbase as this is where the money and users are. How do we meet their requirements, understand why they refuse to add dash. Energy should not be wasted at this point on integrations with small non established services which have hardly any users. (stealth923)

    A (Ryan): Our current strategy to onboard exchanges aligns with what you outline. Research into exchanges from Bitwise and projects like the Blockchain Transparency Institute provide higher quality volume data, which we’re using to prioritize our outbound business development efforts. We are currently discussing integrations with several top-tier exchanges, including BitLicense operators. There are often times many misconceptions about Dash that we are able to dispel, once exchange operators learn about Dash’s features and how they can meet compliance requirements.

  3. Q: Coinstar partnered with coinme to enable BTC purchases using cash at 2,200 coinstar machines across the US because customers demanded it. Is this a fiat ramp worth pursuing as part of the DCG remittance development? (dashameter)

    A (Ryan): Fiat ramps are obviously important components of our remittance strategy, including kiosks, ATMs, online services, and point-of-sale partnerships. Coinstar is one example of a firm that could provide a large number of physical access points for remittances, and would be very appropriate to pursue as part of that growth strategy.

  4. Q: Is there a plan to add atomic swaps to the Dash protocol roadmap? (BlockChainTech)

    A (Liz): At this time, no - most of the items on the roadmap post-1.0 consist of a large set of features considered important but not mission critical for MVP of Evolution. However one of those items is data triggers, which operate somewhat similarly to smart contracts (which make atomic swaps possible).

  5. Q: Is the core team following BTSV and its block scaling and new mining API? Could Dash use similar tech / mining api upgrades? (dancefordistribution)

    A (Ryan): We are committed to ensuring Dash’s scalability is able to keep well ahead of our growth, and have invested in scaling research over the past two years that gives us confidence that we already have a long runway in front of us for continued growth. That said, we are always surveying ideas in various stages of development from other projects that invest in scaling research. Bitcoin SV is one of many projects attempting to solve scaling challenges. The project has attempted very large block sizes that at times have jeopardized its blockchain’s stability, with several deep block reorganizations occurring on its network. We are taking a more careful and incremental approach that balances the need for additional capacity with the need for stability and safety for users.

  6. Q: Could dash core upgrade the dash protocol to include conditional value transfer based on state transition values in the data contracts stored on dash drive? (imagine ownership registry change of electric car will happen from dashuser1->dashuser2).... so imagine that the dapp initiates the ownership change offchain, then writes the change once a state transition based dash transaction is detected, whereafter the dash transaction is mined into a block to settle the deal (dancefordistribution)

    A (Liz): This is very similar to data triggers, which is a feature currently on the Dash Platform team’s roadmap (post-MVP). Triggers will provide the ability to execute certain actions once specified criteria have been met in the database.

  7. Q: Dash imo is already seen as the boring, non sexy, zero hype product in the entire crypto space. We don’t need to overdo any of these aspects like other coins, but we do need to have some to ensure we are talked about and not constantly swept under the rug. What are DCG doing from a marketing PR standpoint to rectify this? Changing your tune only when Evolution is released will not help imo. (stealth923)

    A (Fernando): Perceptions are personal and some people outside our community criticize us for the opposite, but it is true that we have aimed for responsible communication and avoided hype. We felt this was important because we were seeing rampant irresponsible behaviors that damaged the space. Fortunately, it is now 2019 and the industry has pushed out many of the worst offenders, we believe we can now be more aggressive with our communication and highlight why Dash has superior capabilities.

    We just onboarded Shift, the new PR firm that the network selected. We are working with them on a plan to increase media coverage over the next few months by building stronger relationships with journalists and opening up more. We need to acknowledge that most crypto media attention is focused on prices and a handful of other related topics, with little real discussion about technology, product, or benefits. Without abandoning our efforts to showcase our amazing technology, our other play to push is usage and adoption. We need to unlock use cases that we can communicate repeatedly and that are interesting for journalists. Venezuela is a great example that has seen some success which we’ll push to replicate.