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Coinjoin in Bitcoin and Darksend


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Hi. I'm under impression that coinjoin has been added to Bitcoin and Darksend is an implementation of coinjoin.
What excatly makes Darkcoin stand out from everything else?
Bitcoin's coinjoin relies on a single server to operate. If the server is ever compromised or if they are under a gag order, you will have zero anonymity what so ever.

Darkcoin operates with multiple user ran nodes. This makes it virtually impossible for the entire network to become compromised.
Ok but I heard that darkcoin's coinjoin is "also based on few nodes that are marked to the code". This isn't coming from a very good source (finnish imageboard) but is this true?
Well, no.

Bitcoin has no coinjoin added. And they never will do officially, thats why darkcoin was born initially.
There are bitcoin developers who work on a coinjoin on top of the bitcoin protocol, known as dark wallet.
You have to rely on the centralized coinjoin aproach by the dark wallet developers to protect you privacy.


You go for darkcoin which is a decentralized and fully included coinjoin feature called darksend.
Everyone can set up masternodes. Its like setting up p2pool nodes to secure decentralized mining.
You set up masternodes to secure decentralized coinjoins.

To quote Evan:
Dark wallet is a centralized mixing service where you use a browser extension to anonymize transactions. Look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/FA7TIA6.png . You can see it's routing all of the traffic through gateway.unsystem.net.

So here's our advantages vs dark wallet:

1.) We're decentralized. The clients automatically discover all masternodes and will use those
2.) Everyone will use DarkSend by default. The problem with a product you must setup like this is you'll have far fewer legitimate users to mix with.
3.) Masternodes create a new type of investment opportunity within our ecosystem much like mining. The result? We get a ton of super high quality full nodes, anonymity and happy investors.
4.) If they're accepting inputs and outputs separately they can be shut down simply by a user offering an input, but refusing to send the output. If they're accepting inputs and outputs together, it's not anonymous and it MUST be decentralized to spread the knowledge of who did what to keep anonymity. My guess is they're taking inputs and outputs separately and banning inputs that do this. In that case you could attack it by using another mixing service to get fresh inputs.