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CMC rates Dash at 4.1/5 stars - How to push it up


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Just wanted to draw your attention to the only two institutional ratings CoinMarketCrap is listing for Dash, since I haven't seen any mention of them:

Cyberscope (4.4/5)

Certik (3.7/5)

The metrics are very detailed and give direct pointers on what to fix and how to fix it. Some stuff is as easy as tweaking the security settings of the dash.org website. Others are more complicated, but every bit helps to push our rating up.

Even right now, these ratings help people see strengths of Dash they didn't know existed.
Hi Mac and thanks for bringing these reports to the communities attention. Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Dash scored in these reports, but I agree with you, we can probably ace these tests and with that in mind, I have passed the relevant feedback and then some to the infrastructure engineer @Monotoko to see if we can make those changes.