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[CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

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Hello Vertoe. Ghash had 51% of the network for a brief period.
My question is if we have to worry about it in the future.
Someone else could do this?
Running 500 masternodes costs around $3,000,000 initial investment and $5,000 server costs per month.
I'm running not even 50 and I'm scratching the limits and currently heavily involved with rethinking how I can deal this in future.

Hi vertoe,
please let me know once you start accepting new investors again, I m interested.
Thank you
Added you to the waiting list.
Hi elmad,
I stopped accepting new investors as I'm currently unable to set up more than 45 masternodes.
However, I allowed existing investors, to buy shares. This is because I will soon (tm; probably this week (tm)) migrate the masternodes to another hoster where I will be able to set up at least 100 nodes for the same price.
Please bear with me, I got plenty of stuff to do and I just need to get things sorted. :)

In the deep hope you will understand,
ok, I bear you :D .

It was just a thought assuming that you'll not increase the number of masternodes. If the plan is, soon or later, increase that number... I like the idea :)

thanks for your service and best regards
Bad news
I'm increasing the fees to 20%. If you dont like this, you can get your shares back immidiatly.
I've being doing the math back and forward, but I cant find a cheaper hoster that brings both enough security and a flawless managment console. So I will keep my machines at AWS but only with the increased fees. Here is why - The current masternode earnings of the last 7 days:
0.56702222 DRK/node (Jul/29/14)
0.57994222 DRK/node (Jul/30/14)
0.62272888 DRK/node (Jul/31/14)
0.63411951 DRK/node (Aug/01/14)
0.42510555 DRK/node (Aug/02/14)
0.43968484 DRK/node (Aug/03/14)
0.60023030 DRK/node (Aug/04/14)
0.55269050 DRK/node (last week)
--->  2.90 USD/node and day
---> 81.20 USD/node and month

Hosting 10.00 USD/node and month
Traffic  1.42 USD/node and month
Tax 16%  1.83 USD/node and month
Total   13.25 USD/node and month
Hosting costs are 16.31773% not including my time spent on keeping this running.

Good news
I will accept 22k new shares and investors tomorrow. I prepared new nodes.
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That's great news!
I've just sent you a PM informing my tx id and wallet payout address.
I am so glad to be participating. Thank you.
Will the percentage go down if drk was to reach new heights?
There are three possible future events which will allow me to decrese fees.
  1. Amazon decreases pricing (very unlikely) or I find an adequat other hoster with same service and cheaper pricing (unlikely).
  2. Number of masternodes decreases (unlikely) or network difficulty drops significantly (unlikely).
  3. Value of darkcoin skyrockets (very likely!)...
Hehe. I'm not that bothered. :). I'm just asking that's all. He's running a business and that business has to make a profit or we all loose out
Vertoe try to think about dynamic % fee based on price. I was wondering where dp you earn because you know than I have some Amazon too and paid more for them than you took for your service.
Keep going like this. Thumb up.
I mean vertoe is female,right?
Hmm apparently not female nether a bot.

Oh I see what you mean he, she!.. Hehehe don t know why he put this in his profile...

I already asked, because I prefere put my money in man's hand... :tongue:
Sweet ass sweet. I think i'm officially on the masternode team. I just sent you 500 vertoe

oh, and let me know if there's going to be another cutoff soon. I think i might have 500 more in a few days.
I'm running not even 50 and I'm scratching the limits and currently heavily involved with rethinking how I can deal this in future.

If you want help setting up infrastructure that can host your nodes for a fraction of the price let me know.

I'm guessing about $100 / month (plus a few dollars setup fee per masternode to get a unique IP) could host around 100 nodes. If CPU usage is low enough you could probably get close to 200 as CPU would be the limiting factor.

Or even better for say $10 / month / masternode I'll host and manage the nodes themselves for you. All you'd have to do is send the masternode private key (not of the address for those confused!) to an API I would provide which would return the IP address you'd need for the new node and then automatically set the masternode up.

I actually really like this idea... I may build the service whether you were interested or not ;)
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