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[CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

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I install hping and another command to flood his IP :
hping --flood -S -p 9999 <IP>
Vultr detect it (I was not thinking about that, so that's why I'm a dick) and closed all my 3 VPS. lol and they told me next time they detect something like that they'll completly close my account. lol

Edit : here the mail of vultr :
All three VPSes are destroyed and your account is reactivated. Future reports of a similar nature will result in immediate VPS destruction and likely account termination for repeat ToS violations.

Does this mean vultr is not an option for masternodes? Did you start the pingflood from one of the VPS or from somewhere else?
Hi Vertoe,

Just registered a darkcointalk account for my MN membership. Please PM me for final details. Thanks!


Count P
Just completed the funds for the 49th MN. Easy as can be. :)
Maybe we can still get up the 50th..

Thanks Vertoe for this great service!


Count P
Looks great, when do we start?

p.s. I hope your current average continues like it's now, over 0.8 DRK per node per day
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We start in 90 minutes with a test payout, waiting for the last funds to arrive and will set up the last nodes.
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