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Cannot enter MN at Dash Central


New member
Hi. I am a new MN owner and want to vote at Dash Central.

When I enter the three fields,
Masternode name (e.g. MN1)
Masternode collateral hash (64 chars)
Masternode collateral index (e.g. 0 or 1)

I get this error:
There was an error determining the masternode address corresponding to the collateral. Please contact support at dashcentral dot org with your collateral hash and index.

I took the collateral hash from the transaction that created my 1000 Dash balance.

Not sure if I should publicly share my collateral hash here for security reasons.

Any idea of what is going wrong?
Are you sure you got the right index and the collateral hasn't been accidentally spent? Have a look for your collateral transaction using a block explorer like https://insight.dash.org and make sure it says (U) for unspent next to the 1000 Dash. The index should be the position of the 1000 Dash output, e.g. top position = 0, second position =1, etc.
Unfortunately, that block explorer cannot seem to pull up my address. Endlessly loading block information.

But in Chainz it says unspent and is indexed as 1

I'd post the address but it keeps being blocked as spam.