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Can I withdraw a remote masternode's collateral using a mobile wallet with its privkey?


Can I withdraw a remote masternode's collateral using a mobile wallet loaded with the collateral's private key? I mean, without first shutting down the masternode using a local core, or without even launching a local core?

I ask because I am over 80 years old, and am writing instructions for when I die. It is easy to explain in writing how to load a privkey into Electrum or Magnum, say, and then simply spend the MN's collateral from mobile. It is a bitch to explain to a crypto-novice how to do it with core. Obviously, if my survivors spend the collateral, they will get no more golden eggs from the MN goose, but that is their (future) decision.

FWIW, the proposed operation (spending locked-in funds from mobile using the funds' privkey) fails with staked crypto (PIVX, say).
Sure, that should work fine. The services provided by masternodes and the rewards they receive depend on the presence of an unspent 1000 Dash UTXO. Loading the private key for the address holding that balance will allow you to spend it. Soon after it is spent, the masternode will be banned from the network and you will cease to receive payments. There is no lock on masternode collaterals, unlike staking coins they may be freely spent at any time.