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Buy hundreds of everyday items in the US, pay in Dash, free 2-day shipping on everything.


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Hey Dash Nation,

Just wanted to let you all know of my weekend project, DashFair.com. Took about two days and $100 to set up, it uses the instacart model where anytime someone buys something, a member of our staff goes and purchases it and ships it out.

The prices are a little high right now because our cost structure is retail price of the item + packaging + shipping. Hopefully there will be ways to make the prices more compelling in the future, and I'm open to ieas.

We feel it is essential for people to have really easy ways to spend Dash on the things they need.

We also hope that similar shops around the world start popping up, so the people getting Dash in Venezuela and Zimbabwe can spend it on things instead of just cash it out.

Here to help anyone who wants to set one up quick and cheap.
Yet another pointless and desperate attempt to divert attention from the 1000 dash being wasted every month and show that you are "doing adoption" and doing things on the cheap.

Please stop this fake gimmicky dumb stuff and show how many transactions is your campaign bringing in.
Argon can you point me to a single other place someone in the US can purchase a toothbrush using Dash?

If we are going to increase transactions, people need ways to continually earn and then people need ways to spend. We need to create an entire economy. Earning + Spending = Adoption.

We built the Dashfair site because it was low hanging fruit to begin solving the second half of the equation. People probably won't transact in Dash until they have things to spend it on that they need. Until then, they'll simply cash out to buy the things they need.

Adoption is not an easy problem to solve. An entire economy must be created with people earning and spending.

This is completely different from the ad campaign that the Network is free to halt this month if they do not see value in. Although if you ask most people, consistently delivering messaging around Dash's core features to readers of Coindesk and Coin Telegraph has great benefit.
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@Argon31 has accomplished zilch for Dash aside from being rude to pretty much everyone in the community. feedbands, on the other hand, has single-handedly done more and spent more of their own funds doing everything they can to promote and further the cause of the DAO than most other groups entirely. Get off your arse and actually do something for the DAO before you start accosting others. You've been nothing but a plague since you showed up here a few weeks ago with your sockpuppets.

This is a cool project and even though it's in its infancy, it sets the stage for other things to come, and on top of it all, will have cost the network almost nothing even if we reimburse feedband's proposal. That single act has accomplished more for Dash than Argon31 ever will.