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Budget Proposal: Dash/cryptocurrency conferences throughout Ukraine

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Second meetup was announced. It will be dedicated to blockchain-based content monetization with Steemit platform.

Dash will be as a main sponsor and all of the slides will be Dash-branded, and as always Dash giveaways at the end :)

The anonymous guy behind the poster, can he move or is he a showcase doll?

The next time you will post the people who received the dash, let them be in a video because someone may claim that those are cut-pasted fake photos.

Next time tell us the exact time your conferance takes place, do it in a live internet stream and give some time to truly randomly selected internet watchers (preferably proved masternode owners) to command you and the rest audience who received the dash to do some random things (for example all together touch their nose), in order for everyone to verify that your event is a real and not a fake one.
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Recently I teamed up with Slava (@slava_m) who is a very awesome guy. As I mentioned in my last update, we’re joining the forces.

We’re currently working together on a few big projects that are related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency space in general. One of those projects soon will be announced to the Dash community. I bet you’re going to love it.

In this case, the budget that was previously used on creating meetups will be used on arranging monthly conferences.

All of the expenses are going to be used in the following way:

1. Expenditures on conference hall:
  • Rent itself (befirst.com.ua conference hall) – $350.
  • Catering – included
2. Printed material costs:
  • Booklets about DASH and how it works (210 х 297 mm) – $30 per 1000 booklets
  • Banners – $100 for 2 banners
  • Posters for advertisement (420 x 598 mm) – $50 per 100 posters
3. Advertising:
  • Official Facebook events advertising - $300
4. Salary - $300

5. Extra funds:
  • Dash giveaway - $200
  • Dash attributes (T-shirts, badges or stickers) - $200
  • The rest - donation to Dash network
Very good news! Thanks for the transparency and please do link to a thread about what you and @slava_m plan on doing together. Would love to hear more.

Thank you for the feedback. We are focused on two projects at a time:

The one about conferences-meet-ups: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/bringing-cryptocurrency-to-the-people-of-ukraine.13770/

And the one about business integration - appears here on wednesday or thursday. It's holidays now:)
Another awesome meetup was held at Vinnitsia. Very lovely city, distinct architecture and a hungry audience is all that is needed for a great time.

Obviously the biggest concern was the number of people that might or might not come in this relatively small city but for our surprise there were quite enough people that are ready and able to consume Blockchain-related content.

So we gathered about 30 people, 20-30% of which were miners, the rest were mostly business owners. Some people started to work in this space from early 2013 which is kind of cool.

Most of the questions were addressed from technological and legal side. However since Dash was our primary focus, a lot of people became rather interested in this digital currency as well. Some of the people found it fascinating and actually want to learn about it even deeper.

Thus, there were addressed such topics:

- Blockchain – technology based on trust
- The market of Blockchain projects
- An overview of Dash cryptocurrency
- Implementing of Blockchain in security system
- Cryptocurrency and a law

Here’s a link to Dash presentation I used this time. I added some unique slides that you may as well use at your own meetups.

And some photos:




Video will be added pretty soon.